Republicans Act to Obstruct Trump Effort to Make America Great as They Leave For Vacation

ELDER PATRIOT – The Republican-controlled Senate has unanimously voted to prevent President Trump from making recess appointments while they spend the next five weeks on vacation.

Oh, to be sure, they made sure this wouldn’t cut into any of their leisure time.  Instead they’ll use a parliamentary procedure that requires one minute of their time every third day to qualify as “pro forma” sessions to create the charade that they’re actually working.  Luckily they haven’t yet thought about making a one-minute workday a qualifying standard to make Obamacare mandates kick in.

Senator Lisa Murkowski, one of three Republicans to vote against any form of Obamacare fix – either a full repeal or a slimmed down replacement plan or even just to open negotiations on changing it – advanced the motion for blocking Trump.

The Hill reported on Thursday that, “Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), doing wrap up for the entire Senate, locked in nine ‘pro-forma’ sessions — brief meetings that normally last roughly a minute.” 

One freaking minute!!!  Imagine that!  I’m embarrassed for them because they seem to be incapable of feeling shame.

The House had previously invoked this ridiculous rules procedure that every American, no matter of their party affiliation, should find insulting. 

These bloviating, self-important pols spent fifteen days accomplishing nothing in July and now will be taking 35 days off.  And while they’re soaking up the sun and raising money from fat cat donors, they deliberately blocked the lone working representative of the people from doing much during that time either.

Exactly what are they afraid of?  Another Neil Gorsuch?  Uh, yes, if you want to know the truth.  They just can’t allow too many Originalists, who hold the Constitution in reverence, to occupy positions of importance in government.

This would not be such an overtly obvious obstructionist move if the Senate had done its job over the first six months of Trump’s term and given the president’s nominees proper consideration and voted them up or down as they should’ve done.  But, that was not the case.

Here’s a novel idea – get to freakin’ work and give Trump’s nominees the proper hearings like you should’ve done over the past six and a half months, repeal Obamacare like you promised us you would, get tax reforms done, then take the remainder of your terms off.  Boom!  Two weeks or two months of work, then get lost for a year and a half.  Believe me, no one will miss any of you.

In the meantime, Trump is being handcuffed by Obama holdovers virtually everywhere he turns but this is just fine with Republicans who daily expose themselves as nothing more the right wing of the Democratic party.  If Republicans were really so opposed to Obama and his “Marxist” appointees they’d be chomping at the bit to get them out. 

The fact is they were just fine with Obama’s nominees when they voted to confirm them and they’re fine with them now if the alternative is a freer and more prosperous America.