ELDER PATRIOT – As former President Obama ran roughshod over the Constitution and spent the people’s money in the most reckless and irresponsible ways Never Trump Republicans consistently raised the debt ceiling to oblige him.

Americans who had voted to move both Houses of Congress to Republican control with the hope that would counter Obama’s relentless assault on our country’s sovereignty and the Democrat’s almost obsessive evisceration of the individual liberties of the citizenry continued to be disappointed as the purse strings that the Republicans now had control over funded every aspect of Obama’s transfer of power from the people to government.

When Ted Cruz moved to block one of the debt ceiling raises he was accused of shutting down the government, as though Americans couldn’t live without being lorded over by the criminal elements in Washington D.C.

Well guess what?  That same cabal has finally decided to block the president’s agenda!  The only difference is that the president they are blocking was elected by the same voters who gave also them power.  Unless things change fairly soon the result is will be a great unmasking of the Globalists within the Republican Party.

If Donald Trump were to accomplish nothing more than exposing just how seriously RINO’s have worked to block the voters desire for a return to Republicanism while he occupies the White House that alone would be a giant leap towards returning adherence to the Founding Principles to the party.  Trump will have identified the enemies within the party, as long as voters realize what they have witnessed.

It’s now clear that the same congressman and senators who were free-spenders under Obama have suddenly discovered that they control the power of the purse. 

  • When Donald Trump called for a thorough investigation of the voting system that Republicans have long whined was corrupted by illegal voting, Senate’s Republican leader Mitch McConnell said there won’t be a penny allocated for such frivolity!
  • When Trump called for a border wall the outcry from Never Trumper’s in congress was we didn’t have the money.  Perhaps we would have the money if we weren’t spending over a hundred billion dollars annually on sustaining the immigrants that have already crossed that border many of who have taken American jobs exacerbating the problem even further for taxpayers.
  • Tax cuts for Americans?  McConnell warned Trump that they better be revenue neutral if he hopes to meet budget approval.  After sanctioning Obama’s trillion-dollar-a-year deficit spending McConnell finally decided it was time to reign in a president’s agenda.  It just wasn’t Obama’s agenda.
  • After funding Obama three trillion dollars for infrastructure spending that went to every FOO – friend of Obama – but not to rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure, Never Trumpers tell this president even a trillion dollars is too much to spend.  Perhaps they’re afraid that the amazing things that can be accomplished with spending $1T will open peoples’ eyes to just how badly the ruling Washington cabal have been defrauding the American people.
  • More proof comes from Paul Ryan – the same Paul Ryan who ran for vice president under the architect of Massachusetts’ government run healthcare program that served as the model for Obamacare – who purposely undermined President Trump when entrusted with delivering a healthcare bill that would actually lower costs and get the government out of any decision-making when it comes to individual’s rights.

Now these traitorous Republicans are standing mostly silent while Democrats are allowed to smear their president with one outrageous charge after another that he is a Russian agent absent a single shred of evidence.  My time in the Northeast is proving to me just how effective this line of attack has been in convincing Democrat voters that these allegations are true.

All of this has ground the Trump agenda to a halt effectively shutting down the government.

It’s time that Trump call the Democrats’ bluff – if it is one. 

Trump should call for a truly open investigation of everyone in government including himself.  This could prove to his supporters that he is indeed the savior they hoped him to be.

First Steve Bannon should be subjected to questioning while under oath and connected to a lie detector in a televised open forum and be forced to answer questions by Democrats who sit on the House Select Committee on Intelligence.

If Bannon passes the test then he should be permitted to question each of the Democrats on the House Select Committee on Intelligence whose answers and lie detector responses under oath would be equally visible for the American people to see.

If Democrats catch Bannon lying then Trump’s Republican opponents in congress and the senate will at least have a serious basis for blocking his agenda while the legitimacy of his presidency, and possible impeachment proceedings are decided in a similar manner.