Republican Elites’ Apoplexy Over Trump’s Gutter Mouth Underscore Their Own Fear of Being Exposed For Worse

ELDER PATRIOT – The Republican elite who distanced themselves from Donald Trump over the past two days, since his inappropriate comment regarding beautiful women, is revealing of the depth of fecklessness and hypocrisy of these worthless political worms.

Trump’s comment is indefensible but, when put into the larger context of everything we know about the Clintons treatment of women, would only be disqualifying if the same Republicans were insisting that the Clintons be frog walked from the auditorium tonight for their actual lawlessness in this regard.

Trump’s words, tasteless as the were, simply don’t rise to sufficient subject matter for a Law and Order SVU episode.  The actions of both Clintons do.

Trump is only in this race because he felt America needed new leadership.  Leadership with the interests of working Americans at the fore.  Leadership on issues that neither party’s candidates had any intentions of discussing.

It’s been obvious since he announced his candidacy that the Republican elites who participated in creating the mess we’re in want no part of him.  The emergence of the video has given them the excuse they were seeking to pull their support and suggest he step aside.  Their outrage would be more believable if they actually had reacted similarly towards the Clintons for their far more egregious behavior.    

These holier-than-thou holy rollers would like you to forget that they gave Bill Clinton a pass for committing multiple rapes and too many sexual assaults to fully document after he threatened to expose all of their personal sexual peccadillos that included widespread use of call girls, homosexual activity, and even pedophilia.  Those 900 FBI files must’ve been quite saucy because they have been repeatedly to bring our representative democracy to the brink of extinction.

What we have is a concerted effort by politicians who are growing increasingly afraid that Donald Trump is going to win.  And, that when he takes over the Department of Justice and with it the FBI, he will expose all of their illegal schemes and the methods that were used to blackmail them into voting against the interests of the people who trusted them with their votes and with their money.

The question isn’t whether Trump’s comment was unacceptable for a presidential candidate, it was.  But considering that it was said in jest 11 years ago and no one was physically injured or emotionally scarred by it should be weighed against the actions of a president who actually did violate women, many women, and whose wife then threatened them with reprisal if they dared to speak out. The wife was Hillary Clinton.

This election will be won by either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.  No one else can, at this late date, insert themselves into the race and win. For any Republican to in any way help Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy, even by only denouncing Donald Trump at this time, amounts to giving her a pass for far more egregious behavior than Trump has ever been accused of.

And, it raises the question, what do they have to hide if Trump were to win?