Report: Probable Cause to Investigate Rep. Ilhan Omar for 8 Instances of Perjury, Immigration & Marriage Fraud, Federal Tax Fraud, Student Loan Fraud, Even Bigamy

Elder Patriot – Why is no one investigating how this Somali immigrant became a protected member of the ruling Elite?

Flashback: On October 22, 2008, the U.S. State Department stopped accepting applications for the Priority 3/Refugee Family Reunification program — the process by which refugees can apply for asylum if one family member is already a legal U.S. resident. State halted the program because DNA testing — primarily of Somalis — had concluded that perhaps 87 percent of applicants were fraudulently claiming family relationships.

Prior to the 2018 election of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), David Steinberg doggedly pursued evidence that Ilhan Omar entered had into a sham marriage with her brother in 2009.

Those articles can be accessed here (August 13, 2018), here (October 23, 2018), here (October 30, 2018), and here (November 5, 2018).  Despite the evidence, the Democrat Propagandist Media ignored the story.

Now Steinberg has written a fifth article tying all the loose ends together.  The evidence is overwhelming and was presented in a PowerLine article on Thursday.  The conclusions are presented below: 

(PowerLine) … Now, a tremendous amount of evidence — from this article and our prior articles — shows that Ilhan perhaps perjured herself eight times with her nine answers. Minnesota’s perjury statute allows for a sentence of up to five years — for each instance:

Yet this may be the least worrisome of her current legal exposures.

Consider the disturbingly inadequate evidence used to obtain FISA warrants on members of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Consider that Democratic representatives have demanded that Attorney General William Barr release grand jury testimony — itself an illegal act. 

Yet here we have: 


-Verifiable UK and U.S. marriage records

-Verifiable address records 

-Time-stamped, traceable, archived online communications (Convictions and settlements based upon social media evidence are commonplace, Anthony Weiner being a notable example) 

-Background check confirmations of SSNs and birthdates

-Archived court documents signed under penalty of perjury 

-Photos which can be examined to rule out digital manipulation

-The 2019 Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board investigation, which found Omar filed illegal joint tax returns with a man who was not her husband in at least 2014 and 2015

-Three years’ of evidence published across many articles — none of which has been shown to be incorrect, or have even been challenged with contradictory evidence from Rep. Omar or any other source

-Perjury evidence that stands on its own — regardless of whom she married:

-Long after June 2011, she was clearly in contact with the only man in either the U.S. or the UK with the same name and birthdate as the man she married. She was clearly in contact with several people who were in contact with him.

-Further, Preya Samsundar did contact him, published how she managed to contact him, and published his email admitting to being photographed with Omar in London in 2015. To be clear: Omar was legally married to an “Ahmed Nur Said Elmi” at the time she was photographed next to a man who admits his name is Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, and that he is in the photo. 

-Samsundar published all of this information on how to contact Ahmed Nur Said Elmi a few months before Omar swore to that nine-question court document.

-Rep. Omar has refused all inquiries from her constituents, elected officials, and media outlets to provide any specific evidence contradicting even a single allegation suggested by three years of now-public information. 

-In fact, Omar has responded by making information less available:

-In August 2016, after Scott Johnson and Preya Samsundar posted the allegations, Omar’s verified social media accounts were taken offline. 

-Ahmed Nur Said Elmi’s social media accounts were also taken offline. 

-When the accounts returned, a large amount of potentially incriminating evidence had verifiably been deleted.

-I found and published at least ten additional “before and after” instances of evidence still being deleted in 2018.

-Omar has released carefully worded, Clintonian statements that denigrate those seeking answers from her as racists. Yet she has repeatedly refused to answer questions or issue anything other than public relations statements. 

-I have a large amount of information that we have not published for reasons including the protection of sources. 

-Sources have expressed fear regarding published video and photo evidence confirming threats from Omar’s campaign team. These sources have shared other evidence of threats. I have contacted the federal authorities to share this and other unpublished information. Providing knowingly false information to the DOJ is a serious crime.


I believe Scott Johnson, Preya Samsundar, and me, with our three years of articles, columns and posts, have provided more than enough evidence to give law enforcement authorities probable cause to open an investigation. Now would be the chance for law enforcement, and especially for Rep. Ilhan Omar’s House colleagues, to make a sincere stand against corruption and for the uniform application of the law.

While most of us find Rep. Omar’s disregard for the law disqualifying for high office, it’s clear that Democrats, who rallied behind her, and against President Trump, last week, find that disregard of the law a resume enhancer.  

This is today’s modern Democratic Party.