REPORT: Comey Reckoning is Imminent

Elder Patriot – Investigative journalist John Solomon joined Jay Sekulow to discuss former corrupt FBI Director James Comey’s coming day of reckoning.

Solomon’s sources have made him one of the leading journalists at the forefront of breaking news of the DOJ/FBI/Deep State conspiracy to take down Donald Trump.

Sekulow is the founder of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) and currently serves as one of President Trump’s attorneys.

Previously, Solomon wrote:

The Justice Department’s chief watchdog is preparing a damning report on James Comey’s conduct in his final days as FBI director that likely will conclude he leaked classified information and showed a lack of candor after his own agency began looking into his feud with President Trump over the Russia probe.

Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz’s team referred Comey for possible prosecution under the classified information protection laws, but Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutors working for Attorney General William Barr reportedly have decided to decline prosecution — a decision that’s likely to upset Comey’s conservative critics.

Sekulow hosted Solomon on his radio show where they discussed the report from Inspector General Michael Horowitz, reported to be released at any time, that there’s much more significant charges awaiting Comey: 

While immediate reports that Attorney General William Barr had declined prosecuting Comey on these charges left many Trump supporters, already wary of DOJ/FBI illicit intelligence operations targeting the president, concerned that this is further evidence of the corrupt intelligence community protecting itself, Sekulow and Solomon suggested another reason.

It appears Attorney General Barr has evidence of significantly more egregious criminal behavior committed by Comey and has chosen to wait to bring charges until U.S. Attorney John Durham finishes his investigation.

Also, nothing precludes Barr from bringing the charges he declined to bring this week – leaking and lying – when he files the more significant charges of violating FISA law.

The evidence against Comey for violations of the FISA court rules is said to be so overwhelming that the case is being called a slam dunk for prosecutors and is expected to implicate a wide swath of former, and perhaps current DOJ and FBI employees.

You can listen to Sekulow’s entire conversation with Solomon here.