Remington Announces A Pump-Action Shotgun For the 21st Century

Elder Patriot – Every gun owner realizes that when seconds count at best the police are only minutes away. 

Police response times have improved dramatically since the early days of our country when the town’s sheriff had an office half a days ride from the farm.  But, even two minutes may be too long of a wait for help in the event of a home break-in or in the face of violent civil unrest.

Our forbearers relied on pump-action shotguns to protect the homestead and there is still nothing that compares to the feelings associated with using one – for both the homeowner and the intruder.

For homeowners shotguns do not require the shooting accuracy of other rifles improving efficacy and improving confidence.  And, no sound will stop an intruder in his tracks like that of a cartridge being chambered by the pump-action possibly convincing the intruder to hightail it out of there to avoid a confrontation.

The drawback to pump-action shotguns in an emergent situation is the time it takes to reload.  Now, Remington has announced a solution to that problem with the Remington 870 DM, the world’s first magazine fed shotgun.

The 870 DM features a detachable magazine system and fire controls designed from the ground up and is currently available with 3- and 6-round magazines giving it the fastest response time of any pump shotgun in history.

For fans of pump-action shotguns it now catapults to the top of the list as the ultimate choice for a home defense shotgun. 

For those who value more ready firepower the Mossberg 500 Tactical holds up to 8 cartridges at one time plus one in the chamber and does not require the pump-action to chamber the next cartridge.  The reload time, tough, is significantly longer than that offered by the 870 DM where the magazine only needs to be swapped out and replaced making the DM 870 tactically superior in situations where more than 10 shots are anticipated.