Remember When Obama Protected Hezbollah’s Billion Dollar Drug Operation? Guess Which Justice Department Official Did His Dirtywork…

Elder Patriot | In January 2018, Politico ran a blockbuster report detailing how the Obama administration stifled the investigation into Iranian-backed Hezbollah’s international criminal operations.

The terrorist organization was selling up to a billion dollars per year worth of cocaine on the streets of the United States:

“In its determination to secure a nuclear deal with Iran, the Obama administration derailed an ambitious law enforcement campaign targeting drug trafficking by the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah, even as it was funneling cocaine into the United States, according to a POLITICO investigation.

“The campaign, dubbed Project Cassandra, was launched in 2008 after the Drug Enforcement Administration amassed evidence that Hezbollah had transformed itself from a Middle East-focused military and political organization into an international crime syndicate that some investigators believed was collecting $1 billion a year from drug and weapons trafficking, money laundering and other criminal activities.”


“… network rang alarm bells in Washington when agents discovered he was working with Mexico’s brutal Los Zetas cartel to move multi-ton loads of cocaine directly into the United States, and washing $200 million a month in criminal proceeds with the help of 300 or so used car dealerships. The network would funnel huge amounts of money to the dealerships to purchase used cars, which would then be shipped to Benin, on Africa’s west coast.

The Politico article makes no mention of who headed the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces (OCDETF) program at the time the plug was pulled on Project Cassandra.

Whether that was an oversight or a deliberate attempt to protect one of Obama’s corrupt DOJ officials we don’t yet know, but after he tanked Project Cassandra, that man went on to play a central role as Christopher Steele’s conduit into the DOJ and FBI.

Obama’s point man at the DOJ who was the head of OCDETF directly involved with Project Cassandra, the interagency investigation spearheaded by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), was Bruce Ohr.

Did Ohr tank the multi-year investigation that tracked the massive international drug and money-laundering scheme allegedly run by Hezbollah under orders from Obama?  It’s unfathomable that he would take such an action without being told to do so.

Let’s review the timeline on Ohr’s known roles working as Obama’s “fixer:”

Once the FBI officially cut ties with Christopher Steele prior to the 2016 presidential election, Ohr maintained contact with the discredited author of the phony Russia-Trump dossier and served as the conduit for Steele to continue supplying his destructive lies into the DOJ and FBI.

Nearly a year later on Dec. 7, 2017, after it was learned that the FBI had continued to use Ohr as a conduit for unofficial information from Steele, he was demoted and stripped of his title as associate deputy attorney general.

Despite his involvement with Steele, that cost him his position as deputy attorney general, Ohr remained atop the DOJ’s OCDETF.  He had been appointed to that position in 2014.

Amazingly, it wasn’t until the Politico story was being prepped for its release, in January of 2018, that Ohr was removed as head of the OCDETF.  

That was years after Obama had successfully consummated the Iran nuke deal, at least in part, because of Ohr’s ‘hit job’ on Project Cassandra.

Now the worm has turned.

Given the fact that Ohr is still employed by the Department of Justice, Inspector General Michael Horowitz has unfettered access to interrogate him.  

Along with the newfound declassification powers that President Trump bestowed on Attorney General William Barr, Horowitz’ access to evidence is unprecedented.

He is said to be preparing a blockbuster report that is going to paint an ugly picture of Obama’s Justice Department turned into a rogue political operation.  One that predated the political emergence of Donald Trump by a number of years.

This should be giving a lot of those anti-Trump conspirators many sleepless nights.