Remember The Axis of Evil? What More Proof Do You Need That Is Behind The Trump Racism Claim?

ELDER PATRIOT – George W. Bush first labeled Iran, Iraq, and North Korea the “Axis of Evil” during his 2002 State of the Union address.  With our enemies clearly defined where are we today, more than fifteen years later?

We’ve been mired in a never-ending war in Iraq fighting an opponent armed only with rifles, RPG’s, and IED.  Do you really believe that enemy is capable of fighting the world’s most sophisticated military to a standstill?

The Japanese invited us into WWII in December 1941.  Less than four years later, by mid-August 1945 we had defeated the worlds two pre-eminent military powers while fighting on two continents. 

Fact:  If we wanted to win the Iraq war we could’ve… within months.

What about the other two members of Bush’s “Axis of Evil?

North Korea is a nuclear power thanks to Clinton, Bush and Obama’s technology transfer and is cash-starved.  Iran is flush with money – thanks to Obama – and wants to be a nuclear power.  That’s a combination made in hell.  Or, made in Washington.

While we realize that the attacks on Trump’s supposed racial insensitivity are fabricated, as the Russian collusion stories were, but the timing of these attacks raises serious questions as to why now?

First, no one who is paying attention believes that President Trump is a racist.  Trump has been recognized by the Black community many times for his generous contributions to advancing their struggle for equality.

Here’s Jesse Jackson thanking Trump for donating space at 40 Wall Street so that Jackson’s Rainbow-Push Coalition could establish offices with access to America’s corporate titans:

Here’s Trump telling Matt Lauer that he was leaving the Reform Party because it had accepted David Duke into its ranks:

Compare Trump’s treatment today for not condemning the KKK and Neo-Nazi’s forcefully enough to the adoring treatment Hillary Clinton has received from the MSM and from establishment politicians after she said this about the then recently deceased Robert Byrd, a former Grand Kleagle in the KKK:

How many times was Bill Clinton asked about his relationship with J. William Fulbright, a known racist?  Fulbright was Bill Clinton’s mentor.

Why did Clinton choose Al Gore to be his V.P.?  Did any member of the media ever ask either Bill or Al about Gore’s father, another racist?

Frankly Trump’s comments were sufficiently tough.  He condemned the KKK and Neo-Nazis.  There was no moral equivalency in his statement. 

The fact that he also cited the “counter-protesters” for having no permit and for wearing helmets and coming armed with bats, and chemical and biological weapons was worthy of note because we have clearly defined laws governing the protection of free speech, the rights of counter-protesters, as well as the strategies that police are supposed to use to keep them separated.

Trump had every right no he had every obligation to inform the American people that the “counter-protesters” were led by paid antagonists – the same paid antagonists that had undermined the presidential campaign of Donald Trump and who have been undermining his America First policies ever since.

So what does the charges of racism have to do with North Korea and Iran?


Don’t be misled by the onslaught of the real racists in the MSM and among establishment politicians.  These are the same people who have stridently supported a Legacy Of Liberalism that, since 1965, has reversed black ascendancy.

This is all noise these Deep State enemies of the people roll out whenever there is a need to divert your attention. 

In this case it’s to divert your focus from Trump’s successful stare down of North Korea and his threat to Iran that they will never have nuclear weapons.  Trump’s attempt to restore sanity to the nuclear proliferation that is spiraling out of control simply is not acceptable to those directing the MSM and Congress to do their bidding.

Politicians bluster that America is the lone super power possessing devastating military capabilities but the past three presidents have used that power to lose wars and to foment civil strife across the world – and to stand idly by while our enemies develop the capability to destroy us.

If a desire to end nuclear proliferation in North Korea or Iran actually existed it would be done by now.  Giving rogue regimes the power to black mail, or to destroy large swathes of, the United States negates the establishment argument that our actions to prevent any proliferation must be proportional. 

Proportional to what?  Those making that argument are certainly ignoring those rogue nations potential to commit future devastation when they make that argument.

The nation should be focused not on whether Trump is a racist – its been established that he isn’t – but on why Washington wants to dispose of Trump and continue assisting North Korea and Iran in building their nuclear capabilities. 

Washington politicians and their Deep State governors already have used the Axis of Evil to justify storing every citizen’s emails, phone conversations, and text messages in violation of our Fourth Amendment rights to privacy – a protection that has been so broadly interpreted that it even permits women to destroy their unborn babies.

What more are they coming for?