What Remains of the Democratic Party: Vile Old and Divisive Blacks, Hard Left Socialists, Islamist Power Brokers, and one Tired, Senile Leader

ELDER PATRIOT – This article will undoubtedly be labeled fake news but the proof that it isn’t comes from the video that evidences recently re-elected House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s growing cognitive impairment.  The video has been disabled though I was still able to access it from my mobile device as I wrote this.  Try this link from your mobile device.

Last week during a press conference the 76-year old Pelosi called the president Bush.  That was easy enough to dismiss but she followed that with a performance for the ages on Friday.  While rallying the activist group Families USA on Friday she rambled on almost incoherently in a manner that would have any other septuagenarian under the supervision of a responsible adult.

Pelosi consistently struggled to find the words to express her sentiments thanking the emcee for “recanting” the Democrats’ Obamacare ram job.  She meant to say, “recounting.”

Pelosi then listed Obamacare as a major accomplishment on a par with other such successful government programs as “Social Security and Medicare and Medicare.”  Repeating words in this fashion is a warning sign of an inability to maintain conscious thought patterns.

At one point she asked the audience to applaud when her notes told her to pause after telling her audience that they could not have passed Obamacare with the work that they did by saying to them, “Applause line!”

Pelosi also made the error of departing from her scripted words with this ad lib, “By the way, do you know who the poorest people in America are? Infants and children. Infants and children.”  Uh…right.

The former Speaker of the House then identified John Kasich as the governor of Illinois.  Illinois, Ohio what’s the difference, eh?

And then she finished by quoting Martin Luther Sing.

At least she stopped short of calling anyone a scumbag like her vile colleague from California, Maxine Waters did yesterday.  Then again, she only had five minutes in which to fit all of this misspeak into.