Really Jimmy? There Was No Bigger Jerk Than You

Elder Patriot – There were two presidents during my life that seriously damaged our country.  One of them, Jimmy Carter, appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Friday.

Colbert asked Carter: “Does America kind of want a jerk as president?”

The author of the most failed presidency in at least the past eighty years answered by denigrating President Trump: “Apparently, from this recent election, yes. I never knew it before.”

Carter went on to tip his hand as to why he lives in fear of our president.  He told Colbert that he prays for President Trump and that he hopes Trump will “be a good president” that does not use nuclear weapons.

Carter has always been petrified of nuclear weapons.  During his presidency he allowed the Soviets to walk all over him during the SALT I and SALT II negotiations acceding to so many of their demands that he had negotiated us into accepting Soviet nuclear domination.

Carter’s weakness was a major plank of Ronald Reagan’s campaign agenda, one that Americans understood and embraced.  Carter’s team, and the mainstream media, painted Reagan as a loose cannon who might blow up the world if given control of our nuclear stockpile.

Americans weren’t buying Carter’s wimpish stance and he was only able to garner 41% of the vote during his re-election bid, losing 44 states in the process.

Now Carter is exhibiting the same fecklessness with his criticism of President Trump and his new National Security Adviser, John Bolton, who he labeled “a disaster for our country.”

Carter’s National Security Adviser was Zbigniew Brzezinski – the original globalist.  By the time the American people told Carter to leave the White House our economy was in shambles.

Under Reagan’s leadership America avoided foreign wars and his hard stance with Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev during their summit in Reykjavik, Iceland led to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of Soviet domination of Eastern Europe.  

Reagan returned to economic policies that put America First and that ignited a rebirth of our economy that catapulted him to re-election with the largest Electoral College vote ever, carrying 49 states along the way.

Reagan’s willingness to use the carrot while threatening to use the stick led to the fall of the Soviet Union and with that, freedom for more than a hundred million people.  It also diminished Russia’s capability to threaten war.

Carter has apparently never learned the essential quality of leadership – talk softly but carry a big stick.  And the corollary that says let people know you are willing to use it.

In case you’re wondering whom the other president is who nearly destroyed this country is, it’s B. Hussein Obama.  In Obama’s case it would be difficult to label Obama’s presidency a failure, though, because he set out to destroy our country.