The Real White Supremacists Support Mitch McConnell

Elder Patriot- Further evidence that President Trump should not trust Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell came yesterday only days after McConnell begged the president for a meeting and then emerged to claim that he has the same agenda that Trump does.

McConnell told the assembled reporters that, “We have the same agenda.  We’ve been friends and acquaintances for a long time. We talk frequently … frequently we talk on the weekends.”

McConnell then relied on his former chief of staff Josh Holmes to reassure McConnell’s allies in the Senate that the meeting was just another of his smokescreens.

Holmes labeled former White House chief strategist and Breitbart News executive chairman Steve Bannon a “white supremacist.”

Then Holmes doubled down on his easily disproven smear of Bannon:

“In 2018 we ought to revisit this question and find out if these people are still happy to be associated with Bannon. When you’re facing voters, I’d take one of the most successful majority leaders in history over a white supremacist any day.”

Holmes is both factually and figuratively inaccurate in making these charges against Steve Bannon for any number of reasons.  Here are two of them:

  • Roy Moore’s landslide defeat of Washington’s establishment favorite Luther Strange is just the most recent proof that voters have dismissed the charges of white supremacy as nonsense.  Even fighting against such unfair allegations Moore ran away to a 10-point victory despite being outspent by more than ten-to-one by Strange.  Oh, and the most recent poll conducted by Raycom News Network shows Moore leading his Democrat challenger by 11 points.
  • Characterizing McConnell as “one of the most successful majority leaders in history” defies credulity.  On the major issues since his elevation to the leadership position on January 3, 2015 he has produced no victories for Republicans.

McConnell moved into leadership after the Republican rank and file had revolted over the Senate’s failure to block Obama’s move to turn us into a globalist state.  By November of 2015 Ted Cruz had grown so disgusted with McConnell’s determination to maintain the status quo that he took to the well of the Senate and lambasted him.

Over the next year nothing changed and the rank and file rose up and elected Donald Trump in what amounted to extending a giant middle finger to the Republican establishment in general and McConnell in particular.

Here we are another year down the road and McConnell has failed to deliver on anything substantive in President Trump’s agenda even though he promised to deliver all of it.

Here is McConnell making four promises at the 2016 Republican National Convention:

  • McConnell promised to put a bill repealing Obamacare on Trump’s desk – he hasn’t.
  • McConnell promised a bill authorizing the Keystone Pipeline – he didn’t.  Trump did it himself though executive order.
  • McConnell promised a bill to defund Planned Parenthood – none has been forthcoming.

He’s delivered only on giving Donald Trump the opportunity to appoint Antonin Scalia’s replacement.  Otherwise, zip, zero, nada.

And, with the year quickly coming to an end, he’s now panicking to at least achieve tax reform before he returns home to face his constituents.

So no, McConnell is a far cry from earning the designation of “one of the most successful majority leaders in history” unless, of course, Josh Holmes was talking about advancing Barack Obama’s debt-laden globalist agenda.

In fact, McConnell turned the Senate upside down with a bit of parliamentary chicanery to help Barack Obama get the Iran Nuclear Agreement passed when it, otherwise, had absolutely no chance of getting approved.

The attacks on Bannon ignore the empirical proof that the policies that those he’s backing are running on have a history of improving the lives of every American regardless of race or gender.

The same cannot be said of the policies of Barack Obama that McConnell helped fund to the tune of $10 trillion in additional debt.

Spending the nation into debt to achieve racially destructive results sounds more like the work of a white supremacist than anything Bannon is proposing.  White politicians ruling over those who elected then by implementing policies that have no history of success anywhere in the world and that have no popular support – immigration, border control, taxes, Obamacare, etc. – is the very definition of white supremacy.

So, Josh Holmes, please save us the lies and mischaracterizations.  You are only showing yourself to be a sycophant for a failed politician who has sunk to an 18% approval rating in his home state.