The Real Reason Behind Paul Ryan’s Refusal to Endorse Donald Trump

ELDER PATRIOT – Power has corrupted self-proclaimed protector of the Republican Party, Paul Ryan.  Ryan’s claim that he is protecting the party of Lincoln and Reagan is pure bullshit.

Speaker Ryan has attempted to paint Donald Trump’s plan to balance our trade deficits through the use of tariffs as a betrayal of the conservative principles of free trade that Lincoln bestowed upon the party and that Reagan had continued.  Ryan lies.

Lincoln made no bones about being a protectionist having proclaimed on the campaign trail in 1844, “Give us a protective tariff and we will have the greatest nation on earth.”

Lincoln established the Republican Party as the party of economic nationalism during his presidency when he led Congress to pass 10 tariff bills.

As for Reagan, he protected Harley-Davidson from their much cheaper Japanese competition by placing a 50% tariff on the Japanese imports.  He didn’t limit his protectionist policy to motorcycles.  In order to protect other American industries and their workers he placed tariffs on auto imports, machine tools and imported steel.

So then, what is really behind Paul Ryan’s refusal to endorse Donald Trump?  Could it be that Trump threatens the Globalist movement and the power and money that Ryan derives from it?

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie has given us a peek into how Ryan hands out committee assignments and chairmanships.  If you thought that assignments to these important policy steering positions were based on merit you’re sadly mistaken. 

“When you make your presentation to Steering, you have to tell them how much you’ve raised for leadership PACs, the NRCC and other candidates.  It is understood that if Steering makes you a chairman, that [fundraising] does not stop,” Massie said.

Whoever can raise the most money for the party gets the assignments and it’s how they raise that money that is rife with corruption.

So how do congressmen go about raising that money?  Massie says that the money is raised for top contenders by lobbyists who then expect a quid pro quo when it comes to pending and future legislation. 

If you think this is grossly improper Massie agrees with you.  He characterized how he first became aware of the practice by calling the briefing, one of the scummiest meetings I’ve ever been in.”

This is the practice that Speaker Ryan is privately demanding Donald Trump protect before he’ll agree to endorse him.  And, this is the reason Donald Trump is keeping him at arms length.

Trump has earned the votes from the rank and file to clean up this mess.  It appears that is exactly what he’s doing by not caving to Ryan’s demand to preserve the buying power of his lobbyist friends.