The Real Outrage Should Be Over Comey’s Incompetence While F.B.I. Director

ELDER PATRIOT -Aside from being the most publicity conscious director in F.B.I. history, James Comey failed to protect the American people over his three and a half years in running what was once our nation’s most venerated law enforcement agency.

From the beginning Comey had one mission – to protect and promote James Comey.  If that required protecting criminals who were placed inside of our government then Comey would do that.  In one of the few Washington jobs that demand a person be apolitical he was everything but that. 

Comey decided how he was going to handle cases by putting his finger in the air to check the political winds when he should’ve let the facts make those decisions for him. 

Working a city that is rife in political corruption Comey did nothing to change that.  The only high-profile investigation he undertook was to neuter the public’s response to the Wikileaks’ and Judicial Watch’s revelations about Hillary Clinton’s corrupt abuse of the trust that was placed in her. 

The highest profile conviction Comey got was Martha Stewart! 

Even the investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia seems to have been orchestrated to protect the swamp.  The F.B.I. should not be publicly commenting on investigations, period.  That there is no evidence implicating President Trump after a year of looking for it, coupled with his refusal to publicly announce that no connection has been found, leads to the conclusion that Comey has been using the agency’s resources to undermine the president who has promised to “Drain the Swamp”.

When you take a step back from the political rhetoric it becomes undeniable that Comey did more to protect the swamp from the people, than to protect the people from the swamp.

This became obvious when, on July 5th of last year, he spent 15 minutes listing Hillary’s multiple violations of federal law each of which carries a penalty of 20 years in prison and then created a threshold of intent that the crafters of the law had deliberately omitted. 

Even if you accept Comey’s contention that establishing intent was necessary before seeking an indictment, it was clear that threshold was met when Hillary ordered the private serve to be installed in her home.

In the most important case of his life, and what could be argued was the most important case in American political history, Comey punted rather than honor the oath he took to protect the people. 

Comey knew she was guilty of far more than this but allowed her to continue seeking the highest and most powerful position in the world when she should’ve been behind bars.  This was simply unforgivable.

Donald Trump was elected because federal, state and local governments are awash in corruption and the people gave him a mandate to “Drain the Swamp.”  James Comey was not the man for the job.

President Trump realized this and took appropriate action to protect the American people from an out of control government where politicians make appointments solely based on their willingness to protect the swamp.