Why Rank and File Democrats are Dangerous

ELDER PATRIOT – What do you do about single-issue voters who can’t even prioritize the issue that should be of singular importance to them properly?  I’m referring to a recent conversation where a sixty-eight year old woman and her sixty-nine year old husband were vehement in their support of Hillary Clinton because she would defend their right to abortion.

God bless them but is this really what they have to worry about at this point in their lives?  Are they not aware that there has not been a serious threat to abortion rights since Roe V Wade was decided?  Were they not paying attention when stridently pro-life Republican presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush did nothing to threaten those rights?  Do they not know that Donald Trump is generally hands-off on the issue?  Doesn’t it matter to them that Planned Parenthood was started by a eugenicist who envisioned it as a platform from which she could oversea the extermination of the black race?

These two single-issue voters are almost completely dependent on a Social Security system that is currently propped up by smoke and mirrors, and ridiculously high payroll taxes on today’s workers.  It’s a system that every candidate on both sides of the aisle said needed to have its benefits cut, except Donald Trump.  Yet this does not register with them.

The one issue that they are most dependent on is imperiled but they instead bow to the goddess of abortion.

The current array of establishment politicians has spent us into $20 trillion of debt despite the highest per capita tax revenues in the world. 

This has left their only son responsible for over $125,000 in government debt, an amount he hasn’t made in gross pay in the last four years.

But yet they remain in favor of every proposed government program because “they may one day need it.”  They have neither heard of Cloward-Piven nor do they give a damn about it once it is explained to them.

This strategy was introduced in 1966 by radical socialists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven as a pathway to “collapse” the U.S. government by overwhelming it with demands for public services.  It shouldn’t shock you that both Cloward and Piven plied their trade at Columbia a radical hotbed that also gave us Barack Obama.

Thankfully the Democratic Party has been shrinking but the presence of tens of millions of these single-issue voters, who are concerned with issues that are disingenuously kept alive by political opportunists, threatens our freedoms and the fruits of our capitalist economy.