Question for Clinton Supporters: What Would it Take For You Not to Vote For Her?

ELDER PATRIOT – With evidence of Hillary Clinton’s illegal, immoral and unethical behavior coming fast and furious from numerous credible sources it raises the question, just what would Mrs. Clinton have to do to lose the support of her followers?

Granted, they are not obligated to shift their support to Donald Trump but even their “problems” with Donald Trump ring of hypocrisy.  After all, Trump’s comments about women pale in comparison to the court’s rebuke of Bill Clinton for his sexually predatory acts and Clinton’s supporters forgave that. 

Their support of Bill Clinton’s reelection following the details of his predatory behavior towards women discredits their crocodile tears over Trump now.  Clinton’s supporters themselves had redefined the acceptable decorum for future presidents.

This election comes down to a decision by voters as to whether they are willing to elect a candidate to our nation’s highest office, a candidate that has exhibited no qualms about corrupting every institution and person she has come in contact with, or whether that is where they will draw the line.

This election is no longer about issues because any serious discussion about issues requires a president with the integrity to tell us the truth. 

We’ve seen the results of that lack of integrity over President Obama’s two terms, “If you like your health insurance you can keep your health insurance” and, “The average family will save $2,500 in premiums every year.”

Yes, Mrs. Clinton sold access to her office but that, in and of itself, needn’t disqualify her for president.  But, authorizing the sale of 20% of our Uranium stores to the Russians while Secretary of State for payments totaling at least $35 Million to the Clinton Foundation, does.  And, the FBI has evidence that many other “donations” to her foundation were also payments in exchange for Secretary Clinton’s blessings to fleece the American people.

It may be truly painful for Clinton’s backers to consider but Hillary Clinton’s actions over the past 30 years qualifies her for ridicule, prosecution and prison rather than handing her control of the United States treasury.

Why do her supporters refuse to see this?