ELDER PATRIOT – Nobody knows the Clintons better than Dick Morris who served as Bill Clinton’s campaign manager and was his most trusted advisor.  He knows them so well that he can no longer sit silently by and allow Hillary Clinton to become president.

So Morris has released a book, “Armageddon,” and this video detailing Hillary Clinton’s reasons for smearing Donald Trump with claims of ties to Vladimir Putin:

Morris is convinced that Hillary truly believes that the Russians were the ones who successfully hacked the DNC emails that were released on the eve of the DNC that caused so much havoc prior to and during the convention and that continues to leave a divide between her and Sanders millennial supporters who now know the primary process was fixed.

More significantly, she fears that Putin is sitting on the mother lode of all of her emails including the 33,000 deleted emails that they obtained by hacking Guccifer who had successfully hacked Mrs. Clinton’s private server.  The contents of these emails would not only end any chance of winning the election but they will almost assuredly prove her treasonous behavior beyond any doubt.  Moreover, it is likely everyone of Mrs. Clinton’s closest advisors are about to go down with her.

Mrs. Clinton fears this is the October surprise of all October surprises and Morris is certain that Hillary is tying Trump to the Russians to lessen the blow when the sh*t hits the fan later this month as the emails are made public. 

The revelations that are coming with the impending email dump will prove once and for all that Hillary’s private emails comprised every aspect of our nation’s security and that they included the most highly classified of information concerning the people, methods, and locations from every department of government.  They include field agents in high risk locations on extremely sensitive assignments as well as discussions of military strategies and objectives.

Morris reminds everyone that Putin has some serious payback in store for Hillary fueled by the animosity that he harbors towards Bill Clinton for illegally intervening in the 1996 Russian election.  After the Hyde Park summit earlier that year President Clinton became intent on getting Boris Yeltsin re-elected but he was badly trailing Putin’s candidate when Bill turned to Morris for help.

With the help of Morris’ partner at the time, Dick Dresner, Yeltsin won the election that many believe might’ve been stolen.  Morris states unequivocally that Bill Clinton used his political ties to the Saudis to convince them to forgive a $500 million debt that the Russians owed to them and that this allowed Yeltsin to pay his steel workers and coal miners who were owed months of back wages. 

Morris, who was deeply involved in running Yeltsin’s campaign from the White House alongside President Clinton during this time, feels that the cash infusion that allowed for the restoration of the back wages was the impetus that propelled Yeltsin to victory.

Putin has never forgotten the Clintons intrusion into his country’s political affairs and is now in a position to return the favor in a major way.

The marvelous schadenfreude is that Mrs. Clinton is the author of her own coming demise.