I Am Proud to Say That I Have a Place in Trump’s Basket of Deplorables! How About You?

ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton’s declaration that half of Donald Trump’s supporters are a basket of deplorables deserves further scrutiny.

What do we know about these despicable people who support Trump? Let’s examine the most recent CNN/ORC International poll for some answers.

They comprise the larger share of America’s taxpayers. Americans’ median income is $51,000. Those earners above the median income pay virtually the entire tax burden because of the IRS’s graduated income tax structure. These are the people who must pay for all of Hillary’s big government schemes. Trump leads here by seven points. Keep in mind that a significant number of Hillary’s supporters in this group are also beneficiaries of government programs.



Putting this in a less politically correct light one rightly could say that Trump’s supporters are funding those Hillary supporters who are feeding from the government trough.   Before you accuse me of anything cool your jets.  I’m referring to her fat cat donors who benefit from government contracts, mandatory purchase requirements, and “favored” industry status for loans and tax breaks. 

This may take the form of contractors being grossly overpaid for goods or services such as paying a friend of Michelle Obama’s in excess of $2 billion to develop a relatively simplistic transactional website to handle the enrollment requirements for Obamacare.

Similarly, pharmaceutical companies benefit from government mandated vaccinations for children and medical protocols that demand the use of drugs in order to be compliant with accepted standards of treatment to qualify for insurance payments.  Speaking of insurance, those companies benefit by mandatory insurance requirements including everything ranging from auto insurance to health insurance.

Then there’s government initiatives like the $535 million solar loan project that went to “green” energy pioneer Solyndra.  Solyndra promptly went bankrupt but not before funneling $50 million back to the party that pushed through the legislation that authorized it.  Oh, and a tidy golden parachute for the CEO who ran the fraudulent enterprise and secured the government approval of it. 

The “winners” are the politicians and the scam artists who participate in these schemes.  The “losers” are the taxpayers who make more than $50,0000 annually.

Similarly, those struggling on the lower socio-economic rungs of society are victims of a corrupt education monopoly that indoctrinates those they are paid to educate into the failed socialist ideologies of the past.  The “winners” are the politicians and the teachers’ unions who rake in as much as $600,000 per classroom in the worst performing districts that command the most taxpayer money.  The “losers” are the students who never learn the mindset necessary to lead successful lives and the taxpayers who make more than $50,0000 annually.

Because we believe that paying taxes into a corrupt political system that has proven to exist only to perpetuate society’s problems so that there is a never-ending need for more funding, Hillary believes we are deplorable.

It couldn’t be that we truly want to help those less fortunate but we reject big government solutions that a half-century of history shows is only exacerbating the problems she purports to want to “fix.”

We are truly deplorable.

What about the older voters?  You know those that are old enough to remember Ronald Reagan.  You know, those who are old enough to have participated in building this country through their hard work and who have experienced the benefits of less regulation, lower taxes, freer markets, and ever-increasing prosperity.  Those people who have actually wrestled with the costs of raising and educating a family and understand that liberty once lost is never regained.


The older and more experienced the voter the more they prefer Trump. 

It couldn’t be because those collecting Social Security realize that their children are being forced to pay for it because government spent the money that was collected from us on other things.

It couldn’t be because they’ve seen enough of Hillary’s lies and corruption, and the failures of the progressive movement, no it has to be because we’re racist and xenophobic and sexist, and misogynistic and whatever other denigrating labels they can think of.

No, what really makes these older people deplorable to Hillary is that they’ve outlived their political usefulness.  They are the last link between America’s better days when a smaller government answered to the people and today when progressive government dictates terms to the people.

What about that portion of the electorate who live their lives in service to Christ?  CNN found that they are breaking for Trump by a whopping 60% margin.


This group is especially deplorable to Mrs. Clinton because they have not adopted her as their God, and Big Government as their Church.  She shares this view of Christians with the Islamic radicals her policies have pampered.

Over my 30 plus years as a small business owner I made many decisions to change vendors as my business needs evolved or, the service or product providers became less reliable or too expensive.  Not a single one called me any of the names that Hillary Clinton did last week.

Having paid at least $3.8 million in taxes of all forms in my life I have earned the right to reject politicians like Hillary Clinton who promises to double down on policies that have disenfranchised so may Americans and, if continued will disenfranchise even more. 

If that makes me deplorable so be it but I will not be derided into voting for the continued suffering of those who are truly in need.  And, I will certainly not vote for the candidate who offers the prospect of forcing those same policies on me so that I will be forced to join her permanent underclass.

Mrs. Clinton considers me deplorable but she spent the four days of the Democratic National Convention celebrating Black Lives Matter where she gave center stage to these little darlings:

If Mrs. Clinton and her donors who applauded her comments think I am deplorable, then deplorable I am.  And I’m proud of it.  The bigger question is, are you?