Prosecutorial Misconduct: Mueller Ignored Exculpatory Evidence to Entrap Trump Attorney – “It’s a Big Nothing Burger”

Prosecutorial Misconduct: Mueller Ignored Exculpatory Evidence to Entrap Trump Attorney – “It’s a Big Nothing Burger”

According to your bias for or against President Trump, special counsel Robert Mueller is conducting a witch-hunt to depose a duly elected president or he is closing in on proving a diabolical plot existed between Trump and the Russians.

Unlike the proceedings in a regular criminal investigation, the propaganda mercenaries from the mainstream media have been free to craft the narrative that Mueller will be the savior of free and fair elections by producing enough evidence to impeach and imprison President Trump for colluding with the Russians to win the 2016 presidential election.

The problem that Mueller faces in making the case is that he’s chasing a ghost.  Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein already acknowledged that no Americans – presumably that includes the president – were involved with any Russians, and that no votes were changed or altered due to the Russians who were indicted.

“There is no allegation in this indictment that any American was a knowing participant in this illegal activity.  There is no allegation in the indictment that the charged conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election.”

Those were Rosenstein’s words more than a year ago.

So what is the special counsel investigating?  It’s not as though Trump agreed to transfer 20% of the U.S. Uranium reserves to Russia while $145MM somehow found its way into his personal foundation.  Now, that would be something worth investigating, don’t you think?

It’s increasingly troubling that Mueller’s prosecutorial myopia when it comes to Trump-Russia collusion increasingly appears to be an effort to keep his own (and the entrenched political elites) involvement in colluding with Russia from becoming public.

In fact, as long as the goal was to hide the criminality of the past, Mueller’s record of prosecutorial myopia, coupled with his role as the FBI Director who squashed the FBI’s Uranium One investigation so that the transfer would be approved, made him the perfect candidate for the job of special counsel.

Uranium One, the Clinton Foundation, Skolkovo, Joule Unlimited, and the DNC server, are literal treasure troves of evidence that Mueller has assiduously avoided investigating.

The reason is clear.  The Clintons, Obama, and Mueller are neck-deep in all of those deals on one level or another, something that was obvious more than a year ago.

Don’t believe me, just answer one question; Why hasn’t Mueller offered Julian Assange immunity for his testimony?  Assange is the one person on the face of the planet who knows for certain who sent him the stolen emails.

Of course, if Assange were to answer it was Seth Rich, well that would open a can of worms that would be impossible to cover up.

The recent plea deal Mueller has accepted from Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, again offers nothing to buttress the special counsel’s determination to prove the Trump-Russia collusion case.

In fact, Mueller’s willingness to accept a plea of lying to federal prosecutors from every potential witness is evidence that he has little else to show for his efforts.

Former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy made this point when analyzing the potential that the Flynn guilty plea might threaten President Trump:

After Flynn pled guilty, I argued that this showed Mueller did not have a collusion case. If he did, he would have forced Flynn to plead guilty to some kind of criminal conspiracy involving the Trump campaign and Russia, and had Flynn implicate his Trump World co-conspirators in the course of allocuting in court. Instead, Flynn pled out to a mere process crime, giving Mueller a scalp but not much else.

McCarthy was talking about Flynn but his observation is as applicable to every plea Mueller has gotten.

Investigative Reporter Paul Sperry of Real Clear Investigations notes that Harvard Constitutional law expert, Alan Dershowitz, “agreed, arguing that Mueller is resorting to false-statement prosecutions in lieu of prosecutions related to his mandate of investigating the Trump campaign’s alleged participation in a Russian plot to interfere in the election — signaling he lacks the evidence to support such a criminal conspiracy.”

Former independent counsel Solomon L. Wisenberg, also concluded, “It [Cohen’s plea] doesn’t implicate President Trump in any way.  The reality is, this is a nothing-burger.”

So why are so many Trump associates pleading guilty to making false statements to investigators if they’ve done nothing wrong?  That’s because SC Mueller has blocked the admission of exculpatory evidence in his court filings.

In the case of Michael Cohen, Mueller first collared him on multiple felony counts that had nothing to do with Trump.  Mueller then tried getting Cohen to admit to a conspiracy by contending that Cohen lied to Congress.

Paul Sperry explains:

On   of the statement of criminal information filed against Cohen, which is separate from but related to the plea agreement, Mueller mentions that Cohen tried to email Russian President Vladimir Putin’s office on Jan. 14, 2016, and again on Jan. 16, 2016. But Mueller, who personally signed the document, omitted the fact that Cohen did not have any direct points of contact at the Kremlin, and had resorted to sending the emails to a general press mailbox. Sources who have seen these additional emails point out that this omitted information undercuts the idea of a “back channel” and thus the special counsel’s collusion case.

Page 2 of the same criminal information document holds additional exculpatory evidence for Trump, sources say. It quotes an August 2017 letter from Cohen to the Senate intelligence committee in which he states that Trump “was never in contact with anyone about this [Moscow Project] proposal other than me.” This section of Cohen’s written testimony, unlike other parts, is not disputed as false by Mueller, which sources say means prosecutors have tested its veracity through corroborating sources and found it to be accurate.

Also notable, Mueller did not challenge Cohen’s statement that he “ultimately determined that the proposal was not feasible and never agreed to make a trip to Russia.”

“Though Cohen may have lied to Congress about the dates,” one Hill investigator said, “it’s clear from personal messages he sent in 2015 and 2016 that the Trump Organization did not have formal lines of communication set up with Putin’s office or the Kremlin during the campaign. There was no secret ‘back channel.’”

“So as far as collusion goes,” the source added, “the project is actually more exculpatory than incriminating for Trump and his campaign.”

Ask yourself why would Mueller would negotiate down to a free pass for Cohen on multiple felony counts in exchange for, what amounts to, one more nothing charge of lying to a fed?

Mueller’s dogged pursuit of Donald Trump, along with his steadfast refusal to examine overwhelming clues of criminal wrongdoing by Washington’s entrenched interests, leads veteran prosecutors to view his efforts as something other than an investigation.

All signs now point to the former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation constructing a cover-up.

It appears to lend credence to claims that Mueller, absent substantive evidence to prove collusion, is left with writing the most damning final report he can – for political purposes.

By last March, Investigative Reporter Lee Smith, while researching the special counsel’s attention to Erik Prince, realized Mueller likely wasn’t interested in the truth:

After all, Mueller took his job not at the behest of the man who by all accounts he is likely to professionally and personally disdain, Donald Trump, but of the blue-chip Beltway elite of which he is a charter member. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed him nearly a year ago to lead an investigation without parameters. That’s because Mueller’s job is to obscure the abuses of the US surveillance apparatus that occurred under the Obama administration.

The fact that someone at the level of former FBI director was called in to sweep up the mess left by bad actors in the bureau and Central Intelligence Agency and other parts of the intelligence bureaucracy suggests that the problems are even worse than previously thought. And that means the constituency for Mueller’s political intervention is enormous.

On Monday, Donald Trump tweeted:

Unlike the propaganda mercenaries of the fake news media, Trump knows the truth about Mueller.  How much longer we have to wait for that truth to hit the public bloodstream is anybody’s guess but our friends on the left would be wise to reassess their hopes that Trump will be impeached for anything remotely resembling collusion with Russia.