Proof: Clinton Conspired With McConnell and Ryan to Rape the Middle Class’ Wealth

ELDER PATRIOT – There are only three things that Hillary Clinton has in common with Republicans Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.  Among virtually every issue they are called upon to work together on it’s not social issues and it’s not the use of our military.  Yet, when it comes to supporting Donald Trump they seem to be in total agreement that he shouldn’t become president.  So, what’s that all about?

There’s an old adage that if you want to explain strange political bedfellows in Washington D.C. you just have to follow the money and then look for the common ties.

When Paul Ryan was first seated in the House of Representatives in 1999 his net worth was $382,000.  We can only estimate his net worth today because congress is conveniently required to only report ranges of worth that vary by many millions of dollars.  Ryan’s current net worth is estimated to be as high as $9,000,000.  That represents a 2356% increase in a little more than 17 years.

In 2004 Mitch McConnell’s net worth was estimated at $3,100,000.Today McConnell’s wealth is estimated to be as much as $36,500,000.  That’s represents an 1177% in less than 12 years.

By Hillary’s own admission, the Clinton’s were “dead broke” when they left the White House in 2001.  Today their net worth is estimated to be $132,000,000.  They also control a $2 billion slush fund called the Clinton Foundation.  Assigning a net worth of $100,000 to the Clinton’s in 2001 would mean that their net worth grew by 132,000% over the past 15 plus years.

Compare that to middle-income Americans who have fallen behind financially in the new century due to the common policies advanced by Clinton, Ryan and McConnell.  Not only has the median income of America’s households fallen by more than 4% since 2000, these same households have seen their median wealth (assets minus debts) fall by more than 28% over the same time period.

What has been the common policy advanced by these three charlatans that have enriched them at the expense of everyday Americans?  For the answer we only have to look at the three issues that they have in common, open and unfettered immigration, horrifically unbalanced trade deals, and government funded crony capitalism.  All three policies have invited vast sums of foreign and international corporate money into the political arena.

That explains how Hillary, Ryan and McConnell have been able to enjoy growth of their net worth similar to the growth enjoyed by millionaires who actually contribute to the economy in spectacular ways.

But what about the average American, how has he been hurt by the same policies?

For starters the Center for Immigration Studies has uncovered data proving that all employment growth in the U.S. since 2000 has gone to immigrants.

Couple that with the Globalist view that a job in India or China is as valuable as a job in America.  That has led to legislative and tax initiatives encouraging the outsourcing of jobs previously held by Americans as well as the dislocation of entire companies from the United States to foreign countries and that, in turn, has led to the loss of a third of our manufacturing jobs.

With the growth of our technology sector, white collar jobs have become more streamlined leading to an excess of college graduates and a shrinking demand for their services making the manufacturing sector even more important to sustaining adequate employment levels.  These are the type of long-range economic trends we elect our politicians to manage to our benefit, not to leverage for theirs.

But the ruling elite, led by Hillary Clinton, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell continues to callously ignore the history of the effects of immigration and one-sided trade pacts on average Americans over the past two decades.  This can only signal that the wealth they’re concerned with is exclusively their own.