Prominent Trump and America Hating Dem Senator Has a History of Silencing Dissent

ELDER PATRIOT – California’s junior senator, Kamala Harris should have been rebuked for the manner that she interrogated Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  Harris came as close as she could to asking for bright lights to be shone in Sessions eyes and pulling out a rubber hose but she stopped just short.

Why Harris is even a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is reason for concern.  She was a flame-throwing state Attorney General bent on prosecuting citizens who disagreed with her political supporters less than six months ago and now she is privy to the nation’s most sensitive information. 

That raises the question, why are the Democrats fast-tracking the female version of Eric Holder?

Harris was intent on steamrolling the mild mannered Sessions so that she’d be able to later use the video to show what a hard-nosed prosecutor she could be when she makes her run for the presidency.

Fortunately Sessions’ stood firm denying her that campaign enhancing video clip.

Harris was intent on implicating Sessions, a highly respected former senator, in what has become the totally discredited Russia-Trump collusion case.  Democrat leadership has since told their congregation – that includes Harris – to distance them selves from the failed Russia-Trump narrative because there’s no there, there and the narrative was beginning to turn on them.

This was not the first time that Harris has used her office to score political points at the expense of innocent people that didn’t share the views of her donor base.

While Harris was Attorney General of California she brought charges in a case that exposed Planned Parenthood’s brokering of aborted baby parts. Seems reasonable, right?  After all, no matter what side of the abortion issue you’re on, everyone agrees that financial inducement should not be a part of the pregnant mother’s decision.

At the heart of the Harris’s case were videos recorded by David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt at two conventions of the National Abortion Federation, one in San Francisco in 2014 and the other in Baltimore in 2015.  These videos exposed Planned Parenthood’s grotesquely immoral business of marketing parts harvested from aborted babies. 

So, who did Kamala Harris bring charges against?  If you guessed Planned Parenthood you’re wrong.  No Democrat who cherishes the power of their office dares cross Planned Parenthood, the Patron Saint of the Progressive movement.

Harris brought charges against the two citizen journalists, David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, who dared shine a light on Planned Parenthood’s grotesquely immoral and illegal business dealings, not against Planned Parenthood that actually broke several significant laws. 

What was Daleiden and Merritt’s offense?  They made video recordings at two conventions of the National Abortion Federation, one in San Francisco in 2014 and the other in Baltimore in 2015.

Now after more than two years a California court has tossed 14 of the 15 counts Harris brought against the journalist whistleblowers.  The remaining charge of conspiracy is difficult to understand in light of the fact that the court has determined no underlying crime was committed.

Mat Staver, whose group Liberty Counsel represents Merritt, characterized Harris’ tactics in bringing the case to Independent Journal Review:

“[It] was legally deficient for numerous reasons, not the least of which was the Attorney General’s decision to prosecute Merritt in secret proceedings, without identifying even the names of her accusers or purported ‘victims.’ The complaint did not provide Merritt with the minimum notice required by the Constitution and California law as to what she supposedly did wrong, so that she can mount a proper and vigorous defense. The complaint was also vague and full of inconsistencies.”

Harris’ actions while serving as California’s Attorney General bordered on abuse of her authority that even the Los Angeles Times warned about in a June 25,2017 editorial titled, Felony charges are disturbing overreach for the duo behind the Planned Parenthood sting videos:

“Never in the history of California has anyone been charged with a crime for an undercover investigation.”

Kamala Harris is a dangerous person who every American patriot should fear for two reasons. 

First, Harris is practiced in using the levers of government to silence her critics as evidenced by her willingness to use the court system to silence whistleblowers.  What would she do if given the executive power to direct the IRS, the EPA, or any number of other authoritarian government agencies?

Second, Kamal Harris is being fast-tracked to the presidency in much the same way that a previous first-term senator once was.  That was Barack Hussein Obama.