Project Veritas Infiltrates Cell… Soros Funding Connected to Portland Antifa…

Project Veritas has infiltrated the Portland, Oregon cell of Antifa and they discovered what appears to be a fully developed terrorist organization…

The investigation by Project Veritas identified the founder of Rose City Antifa as Caroline Victorin.  Victorin previously lived in Sweden with her Swedish husband where there is reason to believe she was part of a terror cell there.

A Defence Research Institute (FOI) report detailed a well-developed movement tying the “anti-hate” group, the Expo Foundation, along with the UK anti-hate group Hope not Hate, to Antifa anarchists inside Sweden… both funded by George Soros Open Society Foundation.

Records uncovered by Breitbart News indicate Caroline and her husband moved in 2017 following a 2015 Gofundme fundraiser that attempted to procure funds for a green card for Caroline’s husband.

It appears that Victorin may have come to the United States with the distinct job of establishing an Antifa cell in Portland

Undercover investigative journalists at Project Veritas, who infiltrated the Rose City Antifa chapter, have released footage purportedly of the secretive Portland, Oregon Antifa group revealing members were trained to “Practice things like an eye gouge, it takes very little pressure to injure someone’s eyes.  It’s not boxing, it’s not kickboxing, it’s like destroying your enemy.”

According to the source, vigorous security precautions were put in place by the group during their first meeting.  So much so that the source decided that “they were getting this tradecraft from someone else, someone with much more experience, someone who did this for a living.”