President Trump Really Did Inherit a Mess… While Past Presidents Built China’s Economy The CCP Developed Weapons With the Ability to Kill 295 Million Americans

If you think the Obama administration and Democrat governors left us unprepared for the CCP virus, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  Hopefully, you never will.

Regardless, we shouldn’t run our national defense operations on hope or political payoffs. There is no greater responsibility that any president assumes than the defense of the country and its citizens.

One of the nation’s leading experts on electromagnetic pulses, Peter Pry is warning our national defense establishment that China has developed electromagnetic pulse technology that has the ability to fry our nation’s electric grid. 

According to Pry, “The EMP Commission estimates a nationwide blackout of the United States lasting one year could kill 90% of Americans from starvation and societal collapse.”  

Government and military security analyst, Brian Sullivan: “Can you imagine if our grid went down and we lost electricity for an extended period of time? As bad as our current (COVID) situation is, it could always be a lot worse. We relied on our government leaders to prepare our country for a pandemic, and we see what that got us. We rely on that same leadership now to protect our electric grid.”

Why did past political administration… the Bush’s, Clinton and Obama… leave us so vulnerable to Chinese control? Why did they remain silent while China stole our intellectual property, engaged in forced technology transfer, and infested our research institutions with spies?

The EMP threat is exacerbated because many of the manufacturing processes necessary to produce the materials necessary to rebuild the grid are no longer performed in the United States thanks to decisions made by multinational corporations, international bankers, and sold to Congress by K street.

Pry was critical of short-sighted politicians who preceded President Trump: 

“For the $2 trillion that will be spent on the coronavirus, we could harden all critical infrastructures against EMP, deploy space-based missile defense Brilliant Pebbles before the end of a second Trump term, modernize the U.S. nuclear deterrent from top to bottom (delivery vehicles, weapons, scientific-industrial base), and have over $1 trillion to spare.”

Pry reports that while warnings have been met inside the government and energy industry with eye-rolling in the past, President Trump has taken the threat seriously, signing an executive order to begin the process of protecting the grid. 

Similarly, President Trump has also taken steps to fund the military’s efforts to protect its operations.

Is the current Communist Chinese Party ramp up in aggressive actions – saber rattling aimed at their neighbors in the South China Sea, border skirmishes with peaceful neighbor India, release of the China virus to cause a worldwide pandemic, hoarding the world’s supply of PPE, etc. – an acknowledgement that China realizes President Trump is coming closer to eliminating their ability to hold their EMP weapons advantage over our heads like the sword of Damocles?

Contrary to what long time Washington politicians and corporate and foreign lobbyists… those who put us on this ruinous course… would like you to believe, Trump isn’t the problem… establishment politicians who spent decades ceding our economic and military might to China to fulfill their own selfish ambitions are.

(Industry Week) America is at a crossroads. We must stop dealing with China as we hope they would be, and begin dealing with them as they are. The U.S. is in a favorable position in the struggle because China needs our consumer markets more than we need theirs. We are in the beginning of a cold war with China and must defend ourselves just as we did with the Soviet Union. Accepting the status quo like we did for 20 years is no longer an option. Decoupling will be a long, slow, and contentious process; but it is time to face reality and do something for the country, our citizens, and American manufacturing.