Is President Trump Preparing to Checkmate Special Counsel Mueller?

Elder Patriot – Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s refusal to admit that he has found no evidence of wrongdoing and close up shop is unnecessarily keeping the nation divided and handcuffing President Trump’s efforts to MAGA.  

Trump didn’t run for the presidency to be handcuffed by a Deep State punk like Mueller and it appears he may be preparing to take the gloves off and expose the special counsel’s corrupt history.

Like everyone else, Trump always knew we were never told the full story about 9/11.  Not even close. Remember that whatever we might suspect happened Trump is the president and he knows the full story.

And, whatever the truth is it has to fall, at least in part at the feet of the man who headed the FBI at that time.  9/11 was his failure. And, whatever happened in the aftermath of 9/11 was done under the watch, and with the approval of the FBI director at that time,

That was none other than the current special counsel, Robert Mueller.

Mueller has never explained the role that Saudi Arabia played in the attacks.  The questions started in the immediate aftermah of 9/11 when the Bush administration provided flight clearance for prominent Saudis and members of the Bin Laden family even as all flights had been grounded nationwide.  

There had to be a reason for this, no?  After all, 17 of the 19 hijackers were confirmed as native Saudi Arabians.

Jim Kreindler is an attorney who represents 9/11 families.  Last night, during an interview with Tucker Carlson Kreindler reveal that:

“There was this huge body of evidence that Saudi government officials prepared for the hijackers’ arrival, helped them, got them money, English lessons, safe houses and apartments, and provided the aid without which it would have been impossible, according to the FBI agents who were working the case, for the terrorists to succeed.”

Then Kreindler turned his attention to Mueller’s handling of the aftermath:

“Interrogations were shut down, documents have been kept secret…“There is no reason for thousands of documents that reveal both the Saudi role and our own government’s cover-up for 17 years to be kept secret.”

Why do these documents remain under lock?  What would they reveal about the Saudi government and/or the Bush family and Robert Mueller?  Hmm?

Stephen K. Moore lead a 400 member FBI team that investigated the attacks.  Moore claimed there was significant evidence pointing to Saudi complicity in 9/11.  Ever hear of Moore? Why not?

There’s a reason Mueller is blocking the 9/11 families from seeing these documents and it’s not to save the Saudis from embarrassment or from an exorbitant judgement – something they can well afford.  This is a matter of life and death for Mueller and his Deep State handlers.

Kreindler is not alone in wanting to know what Mueller was hiding.  

In an interview with Harper’s from October 2017, former Senator Bob Graham (D-FL), who chaired the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, stated that Mueller consistently raised objections to terrorist specialist and former FBI lawyer Michael Jacobson visiting San Diego to determine if there was a Saudi connection to the hijackers. When Jacobson discovered that the hijackers were close to an FBI informant named Abdussattar Shaikh, he demanded to speak to him — but Mueller refused and moved Shaikh to an undisclosed location “for his safety.”


In February 2003 Mueller hosted a coalition of Islamist apologists and propagandists at F.B.I. headquarters including representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to documents obtained by Judicial Watch, Mueller reportedly assured the Islamic groups in attendance that the agency had ordered the removal of presentations and curricula on Islam from FBI offices around the country that were deemed “offensive.”

NPR also reported that, “The FBI had completed a review of offensive training material and had purged 876 pages and 392 presentations.

Pardon me, but isn’t it the FBI’s mission to be suspicious of all potential threats?

Instead, Mueller ordered the purge of “offensive” material – including the exoneration of the Muslim Brotherhood – even after he had described the organization as a group that supports terrorism in the US and overseas.

Unlike previous presidents who hid behind a cloud of deceit – “I learned about it when you did from the New York Times” – whatever is hidden is already known to Trump.

It is likely that the evidence against Mueller is significant and damning.  It is just as likely that President Trump is waiting for just the right time to drop the hammer on the special counsel.

And, that time is fast approaching.