President Trump Should Ignore Nadler’s Dec. 6th Deadline For Sham Impeachment Phase II And Wait For Senate Trial to Expose Democrat Corruption

President Trump should give House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) the same level of respect that Nadler has shown him (and the American people) and ignore the December 6th deadline Nadler has given him to notice the HJC whether his counsel intends to participate in this farce.

Sundance has written a perfect summation on how Democrats brought us to this moment:

Candidate Trump was framed for stealing a horse; President Trump was subsequently accused of trying too hard to avoid hanging for it. Prosecutor Mueller eventually conceded that Trump didn’t steal the horse; however, by then the focus was on Trump’s efforts to avoid the hanging.  Eventually Mueller testified; it surfaced there was never a horse to begin with… Impeachment was stalled. Prosecutor Jerry Nadler is attempting to resurrect a legal theory that President Trump can still be hung for attempting to avoid the hanging, even if there was no horse theft. 

President Trump should not provide any air of legitimacy to what has already proven to be nothing more than an attempt to trump (pardon the pun) up charges in order to justify removing the ‘existential’ threat to Democrats’ existing political corruption that has left Americans $23T in debt. 

Both President Trump, and the Office of the President, have been disrespected to such a degree that one should worry if this is an attempt by House Democrats to neuter the role of all future presidents in their quest to turn Congress into a communist-style politburo. 

Ignoring Nadler would also be consistent with House Democrats previous declarations that it was perfectly fine to deny the president the right to call witnesses to Adam Schiff’s basement inquisition, because this phase was more like a grand jury proceeding than a trial.  Fine. Make them live with that.

Instead of answering Nadler, President Trump should wait for Democrats to bring the indictment… if they can garner the votes to move forward with impeachment.  This will force every Democrat to declare where they stand in an election year.

If Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi fails to hold House Dems together she will effectively be neutered for the last year of her speakership.  

The media will not be able to save Pelosi’s credibility following a year in which she refused to move any legislation that the majority of Americans are in favor of – notably border security and the USMCA – to the floor for a vote.   

Participating in a one-sided inquisition is not in the president’s best interests, especially in the House where voters are already tuning out the impeachment nonsense.  

President Trump understands that maximum exposure will come from a trial in the Senate if Dems are actually foolish enough to present articles of impeachment to the upper chamber.

The Senate, run by Republicans, will allow President Trump to present his case by allowing him to present his own witnesses and any exculpatory evidence he has.  

Trump could use the media spectacle surrounding impeachment to conduct the equivalent of his own Nuremberg-style trials and expose widespread Democrat corruption.  

After spending the better part of three years clamoring for impeachment, there is no way the media would be able to ignore the Senate trial and return to running soap operas (as they did when the “Schiff show” turned against the narrative they wanted) and retain any credibility.

The president has already stated this was his intention, nine days ago, during an interview on Fox and Friends.

Unlike his opponents, who were aided by their media allies in creating a narrative around a few unsubstantiated claims, President Trump is in possession of a massive amount of real evidence of Democrat corruption leading all the way to the Obama White House.  

That evidence resides in currently sealed and/or redacted documents and in Democrats’ own communications and money transfers.  Sundance, at the Conservative Treehouse, lists just some of the incontrovertible evidence the president’s attorneys possess. 

Senate Republicans are aware of the threat this evidence poses to their Democrat brethren and they would like to minimize the damage to their Uniparty allies but they won’t be able to and still preserve their own electability.

Senate leaders will be forced to allow President Trump wide latitude in presenting evidence if a trial were to take place because, with over 90% approval among rank and file Republicans, any attempt to limit the president from presenting evidence or question witnesses, will be viewed as an attempt by RINOs to protect their Uniparty partners. 

The president should give Democrats enough rope to hang themselves and hold his fire until the Senate trial.