President Trump Exuding Confidence Tweets Desire for Release of Full Mueller Report

Elder Patriot| President Trump tweeted his desire to see Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report released to the public in its entirety.  

He had already signaled Congressional Republicans to do likewise:

This, though, is highly unlikely if Attorney General William Barr follows Justice Department guidelines:

Using normal procedures, Barr would only release the summary of pending charges and avoid discussion and details regarding any areas of the investigation where insufficient evidence necessary to bring charges led to their declination.

This is only fair to the target of the investigation who should not have his or her reputation publicly tarnished by unproven innuendo.

Regardless, President Trump wants the American people to see everything.  He trusts that when the dust settles, the fallout will be more damaging to his political enemies and tormentors than it will be to him: