President Leaving America With Low Regard For Our Military’s Sacrifice

ELDER PATRIOT – President Obama decided to spend his time honoring the Imperial Japanese who attacked Pearl Harbor this Memorial Day rather than honor those Americans that they killed during their sneak attack.

This is not the first time during his presidency that he has chosen to fill his calendar with other things.  He has chosen to “call in” his comments on past Memorial Days and that has not gone unnoticed by his miscreant followers.

Thanks to Obama, the American left now holds our military in the lowest regard since the Vietnam War.  Here are but a sample of examples of the disrespect they are exhibiting:

In Venice, California vandals defaced a memorial to Vietnam War veterans.

In Henderson, Kentucky a driver used his vehicle to plow through a “cross display” that honors more than 5,000 vets who have served our country dating all the way back to the Revolutionary War.

In Petersburg, Virginia the Petersburg National Battlefield was so badly damaged that it has been designated a crime scene.

Obama has fostered this environment of disrespect having spent his presidency deriding many of our country’s institutions.  But his disdain for the military reveals his most disgusting character fault. 

American soldiers only carry out the policies of politicians.  Soldiers have no input into the missions they are ordered to carry out.  Their commitment to country is so great they are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice without questions when they are called upon to enforce those policies.  They understand and accept that, “theirs is not to reason why, theirs but to do and die.”

President Obama has not hesitated to send his share of men to their death on missions of little importance and of questionable purpose during his presidency.  To now remain mute on these occurrences, refusing to chastise those who have committed these vile offenses exposes his disdain for America’s military and is indefensible. 

Perhaps he can find time in his schedule to visit the grave of Michael Brown.