The President Encourages Graduates to Follow His Plan to Destroy The American Dream

ELDER PATRIOT – President Obama brought his message of despair to New Jersey, yesterday.  He recommended submitting to the Globalist movement to the graduates of Rutgers University.  The fact that the students, who had their commencement marred by his words of international acquiescence, actually applauded shows just how effectively Marxist dogma and the end of American Exceptionalism is being taught at our colleges.

Our classless president used the occasion to take thinly veiled shots at Donald Trump’s plan to restore America’s greatness and to build a wall on our southern border. 

The graduates need look no further than the city where they went to college to get a real life understanding of how Obama’s open immigration works.

Like most American cities New Brunswick is awash in drugs and violent crime.  The area surrounding the campus is no exception.  Students who live in these neighborhoods keep their doors locked even when they’re in their apartments because of the high incidence of theft, robberies and rape. 

They do this to protect themselves and their possessions.  It’s called common sense.  Even four years of college hasn’t stripped them of that.  This doesn’t mean that no one comes through their doors, just that they seek to keep it contained to the people who they have invited.

It is highly unlikely that even one in a hundred of them would be okay with someone they didn’t know or invite raiding their refrigerator or stealing some of their clothes.  They’d probably be upset if any uninvited “guest” only used their bathroom or used their bed to take a nap.

It is likely that if any of the above happened to them they would expect the police to respond and for the perpetrator to be punished and to be permanently banished.

How they cannot recognize that this is akin to the reason their parents want to keep our borders closed to those who would enter our country illegally illustrates the extent to which critical thinking has been stripped from their survival skills. 

After eight years being indoctrinated by Obama’s Department of Education these graduates have known only “Obamaism” during their four years of high school and four years of college.  It is with great trepidation that we should be welcoming this new generation of graduates into the world for they are to become the keepers of the world’s freedoms.