Predictably Despicable Decepticon Mitt Romney Joins Dems Trashing Trump Following Release of Mueller Report

Elder Patriot – Mitt Romney is one of those fair weather friends we’ve all known and eventually came to wish we hadn’t.

It’s all about Mitt, all of the time.

On a day that we should all be celebrating Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s exoneration of President Trump on all counts, the Republican Decepticon instead joined Democrats and trashed Trump.

Seriously Mitt?  In 2012 Romney happily sought and received a massive campaign check during his 2012 presidential run.  He then promptly rolled over like a trained dog and tossed the election to a very vulnerable Barack Obama.

When Donald Trump realized that anti-American, globalist candidates, like John McCain and Mitt Romney were incapable of winning, and even if they did we’d wind up worse off for their efforts, Trump decided to use his own money to beat Hillary Clinton.

One-way Mitt never supported Trump but, after Trump won, Romney wanted to be secretary of state.  Trump was magnanimous enough to entertain him at dinner to discuss a possible appointment but eventually decided on Rex Tillerson.

Next Romney decided he wanted to run for the senate seat that was being vacated by Utah Republican Orrin Hatch.  He literally begged President Trump for his endorsement and got it.

Now this.

Romney completely mischaracterized the findings of the Mueller Report.  That didn’t escape those responding to his tweet:

My personal favorite came from Lt. Colonel Tony Shaffer, a true patriot and a great American.

Romney, like every other self-centered POS I’ve ever known, is completely lacking any sense of self-awareness.  Read the last line of his message again.

Hey Mitt, the Founding Fathers, forced to choose between you and Donald Trump would choose Trump 100 out of 100 times.

If there is one thing the Founders were united on, it was to avoid global entanglements like the ones Romney has been lobbying and voting for ever since he became involved in public life.

On that important matter, a matter of overriding importance, Trump is fully aligned with George Washington and Ronald Reagan.