Pompous Fringe Radicals From Both Sides of the Left-Right Paradigm Go All-In to Prevent a Trump Presidency

ELDER PATRIOT – Politics makes for strange bedfellows.  In the case of those who fear Donald Trump, ideologically entrenched extremists from both ends of the political spectrum are aligning together in a childish hissy fit intent on denying the will of the voters.

William Kristol and Erick Erickson speak for what’s left of the Neocon movement that has made its make on American policy by embracing our involvement in foreign wars, entering into trade treaties that inure only to the benefit of multinational corporations and foreign peoples, and open borders to insure the supply of cheap labor for the corporations that aren’t yet ready to pull the plug on what’s left of their operations here in the United States.

Bill Maher and Michael Moore speak for inveterate liberals who tolerate foreign wars as long as their guy is in charge and our soldiers are forced to operate under rules of engagement that guarantee their defeat, consider one-sided foreign trade treaties our obligation because we were once the world’s richest nation and that just isn’t right, and believe in open borders because…well, because it makes them feel good to help immigrants even as it costs American workers their jobs and suppresses the wages of those who have managed to keep working.  The drain on the welfare state, you ask?  Hey, with a combined net worth of $80 million dollars these liberal hypocrites can afford to be magnanimous with your money.

These are the faces of the #NeverTrump movement.  They are the fringe ideological radicals that embrace and defend the same political positions on war, trade and immigration yet want us to believe that they’re from different camps.  They simply refuse to acknowledge the damage they have done to America.

Unlike every other politician who entered this race on both sides, Trump is not concerned about securing his party’s radical base before the general election swings into high gear.

Instead, Trump has staked out his positions in defense of Americans who seek only to be secure in their lives with an opportunity to work and a chance for a return of prosperity.  He has remained steadfast in promoting his vision for returning America to greatness despite withering attacks from his opponents and the mainstream media.  His positions, cast in stone, appeal to real Americans from both sides of the aisle.  You remember those Americas, they believe in self-reliance, the right to raise their own children as they see fit and according to their belief systems, and they still believe in God. 

The #NeverTrump movement has spent $500 million trying to stop Trump.  To what end?  Is it continued war they crave? Is it unlimited, unregulated, and never-ending immigration that is making America unrecognizable and charging us headlong into ever increasing and irresponsible debt that brings us ever closer to the Cloward-Piven model for instituting socialism in America?  Is it more trade treaties that has robbed already us of trillions of dollars and millions of jobs that they desire?

You can tell a lot about people by the company they keep.  Anyone gazing into the foxhole occupied by Kristol, Erickson, Maher and Moore must to be dumbfounded by what they’re seeing.  Don’t be, they’ve been sharing that hole for decades.