Polls: Huge Majority of Americans Suffering From Battered Wives Syndrome

Elder Patriot – Polls show a massive rejection of President Trump’s tax cut legislation.  How can this be? 

Here’s just a partial list of the benefits for everyday American taxpayers included in the bill:

  • The cuts cross all income levels.  Everyone benefits.  Shame on anyone complaining about his or her Christmas gift because the friend down the street, whose family earns more, might’ve gotten a more expensive one.
  • The Obamacare individual mandate is gone.  Americans are once again free to decide what they will or won’t spend their money on without regard for what some group of politicians decides they should spend it on.
  • The inheritance tax will be repealed over the next six years.  You would think that this would be especially important to younger Americans whose future was stolen from them by the economic policies of the past three decades.
  • The standard deduction doubles.  That means that the point at which individuals or couples begin paying taxes.  That’s an additional $6-12,000 of tax-free income.
  • The child tax credit is doubled to $2,000 for each child.  That’s an additional $1,000 per child in tax-free income.
  • A family tax credit has been added for each parent and non-child dependent.

You would think the people would be ecstatic about this.  The fact that they would rather pay higher taxes, be forced to buy healthcare insurance that they do not want, and see the fruits of their parents’ life’s work taken by the government rather than inherit it, shows just how badly they have been emotionally and intellectually battered.

How did this happen?  Try this explanation on for size: the massive propaganda campaign conducted by the MGM – Marxist Globalist Media – since the election that has brainwashed Americans into believing that Donald Trump is their enemy and that anything he supports must reflexively be rejected out of hand.

They’ve succeeded in convincing the American people that it’s better to continue along with the government that has been systematically beating them down the economic ladder, administration after administration, than to risk leaving and taking control of their own lives.  That’s the definition of Battered Wives Syndrome.

So what gives?  The MGM once lauded Donald Trump for his American First ideas when he was a private citizen:

As soon as Trump became a serious contender that same MGM that extolled him for the first seven decades of his life suddenly turned on him, and viciously.  Why?

The MGM’s refusal to acknowledge even the slightest Trump achievement on behalf of the broad spectrum of the American people belies their reasoning.

It’s simple.  The MGM doesn’t hate Trump.  At least no more than Isoroku Yamamoto, the Japanese naval commander who led the attack on Pearl Harbor that dragged us into WWII, hated FDR.  They are simply following the orders of today’s Imperialist Global Titans who own the platforms from which they launch their attacks.

In 1941, FDR was the American president and Yamamoto was tasked with conquering our country.

Today, Globalist-Marxist interests have similarly tasked the MGM with conquering us.  One month into his presidency Trump made that clear to everyone when he took on the MGM in a press conference where he labeled it the “enemy of the American people.”

For them the ascendancy of Donald Trump cannot be tolerated.  Not because they have suddenly discovered something about him that they don’t like, but rather because his America First platform represents an existential threat that may destroy many decades of brainwashing that not only diminished our freedoms and wealth but that has us arguing against our own interests in abject ignorance.

Citizen Trump recognized what was happening decades ago and watched as president after president and congress after congress exacerbated America’s decline.  After watching each successive election result in more of the same, Trump gave up his comfortable life to do the job himself. 

Trump has sent a lifeline to us.  It’s sickening that the world’s most costly education system has been turned against the people paying for it.  So much so, that they can’t even see their own ox being gored.