Politico: Lindsey Graham Using Wuhan Virus Relief Bill to Push Expanded Immigration From… China!

Those of us who have endured more than one rodeo watching South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham over the years recognize this as essential Lindsey Graham duplicity.

While we’re still waiting on the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Chairmen to hold his first hearing into FISA abuse and the Mueller hoax investigation, or Joe Biden and the Democrats’ stripping billions of dollars from Ukraine, the perfidious Graham is pushing for more visas from… China!!!

Sen. Lindsey Graham is using the coronavirus recovery bills to attempt to dramatically expand the award of EB-5 green cards to wealthy Chinese as long as they lend money to U.S. real estate investors and other companies, according to several activists and Politico magazine.

According to Politico…

The proposal, which could be included in one of the Senate’s coronavirus rescue bills, would significantly boost the number of visas offered annually from 10,000 to 75,000 while halving the investment required to earn legal residence from $900,000 to $450,000, they say.

Half the recipients of the EB-5 visa program — investors and their families — come from China, according to a report by the Brookings Institution think tank. Many others come from South Korea and Taiwan.

It’s obvious that Graham thinks we’re stupid.  We need less Chinese involvement and less Chinese ownership, not more.

Mark Krikorian, Director of the Center for Immigration Studies:

“How can people pushing this not see how politically explosive this is.  An EB-5 increase would almost exclusively benefit Chinese: It is hard to imagine what they are thinking.”

China is the epicenter of the Chinese Wuhan virus that has sent the world economy into a tailspin as people shelter in place to avoid spreading the killer disease.  The last thing we need are more Chinese being welcomed into the United States at this time.

The Epoch Times has reported that the deliberate maladministration of the Wuhan Virus under China’s Dictator for Life”Xi resulted in wherever ties with China are close there have been severe COVID-19 outbreaks.

If that was the only fault of Sen. Graham’s plan, it could be considered foolhardy.  But it’s not.  

Graham’s willingness to bow to Chinese money represents business as usual in the swamp.  Something President Trump is determined to put an end to.  

Why Graham would want to incentive the Chinese to “lend” money to investors whose assets are sure to be depressed, is beyond explanation.  

The holders of those assets are virtually guaranteed to have a higher foreclosure rate than usual.  That would leave the Chinese with even more leverage than it already has over our economy.

Sen. Graham is representative of McConnell’s RINOs, many of whom have grown fat working with Democrats selling America to foreign and corporate interests for their own enrichment…