Police Could’ve Prevented Midland/Odessa Shootings

Elder Patriot – The federal government has spent more than $50Trillion since 9/11.  It is assumed a significant amount, ostensibly, went to developing the most sophisticated intelligence gathering network money could buy.

Other than creating a vast marketing network that tailors every ad you see on the internet to your personal profile, what good has it been?

Consider the possibility that it is being used as the most devastating political weapon ever conceived.

The Deep State intelligence operation targeted Donald Trump and almost toppled a duly elected Trump when he won the presidency.  Benefit to the Clintons and Obama who weaponized it..

What else is on the Obama-Democrat agenda?  Answer: Gun confiscation.

Now consider how that vast intelligence network failed to prevent the terror attack in San Bernardino, the shooting rampage at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando or, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre.  

Or, the Harvest 91 attack that just disappeared news reports after the FBI realized that there was no way to hide what had happened in Las Vegas.  Or….

All were preventable because authorities were in possession of actionable intelligence beforehand.

Even pre-dating the development of the massive intelligence state, that we’re told is necessary to protect us, leaders of the panel investigating the 9/11 attacks believed they were ‘probably preventable.’

This all brings us to Seth Aaron Ator who has been identified as the alleged shooter in a rampage that traversed Odessa and Midland counties in Texas on August 31st.

Police had been told by Ator’s neighbor, Veronica Alonzo, that Ator had approached her house yelling at her and holding a rifle.  According to CNN, the police never responded saying they couldn’t find the address.

Okay.  Let’s accept that for the moment.  Why didn’t police check to see if Ator was licensed to possess any firearms.  Had someone done so, they would have learned that he wasn’t.  

That would’ve raised a red flag immediately.

Not only didn’t he have a license, he had been denied a license after failing a background check.

That means that he had already been identified as a threat.  It was only after Ator’s shooting rampage that police did a simple search of his driver’s license.  It revealed a prior arrest record for criminal trespass and evading arrest.

Given the national concern about gun violence, how is it not standard protocol to do a quick search of state and national databases every single time a report is received that includes a gun and a name?

There’s no excuse for the police’s negligence in this matter.  Police claim their role is to serve and protect but in reality they’re first responders not first preventers.

I can think of only one good reason that laws and/or early warning systems would be ignored when dealing with the high-charged issues surrounding firearms – to advance a political agenda.