Peyton Manning Teams Up With Trump To Make America Great Again

ELDER PATRIOT – Alpha male and “A” list celebrity don’t often go together.  That may explain why Hollywood’s elite shudder at the mention of President Donald Trump and his determination to make America fulfill its exceptional destiny even if it means facing down the world’s bad actors.

But two more Alpha males added their names to those stepping up to follow
president Trump into battle yesterday.  First Dr. Sebastian Gorka joined President Trump’s national security team and then “A” list celebrity Peyton Manning was given a prime speaking spot at the GOP retreat in Philadelphia this weekend.

Manning has long been a supporter of the Republican Party and its defense of America’s Founding Principles that puts personal responsibility before anything else.  Who will ever forget watching him studying the opposition using an Ipad and surveillance photos between possessions to get a leg up on them.

Manning has exemplified that principle since he was a child having risen to stake a claim to the greatest NFL quarterback of all time.  Last year at this time he was preparing to lead his Denver Bronco teammates to a Super Bowl title.  And, even with his skills diminished, after multiple neck surgeries and the painful rehabilitation that were required following them, to the point where he was forced to retire after that game he was still able to deliver the championship for his teammates and to Denver.

In the mano a mano world of professional football Manning proved his mettle and left little doubt in anyone’s mind that he’s a true Alpha male.  That’s why he never flinched when offered the speaking slot knowing the blowback to be expected from the snowflake leftist that damned near destroyed our country when they had control of our government.

The battle lines have been drawn and the difference between these competing forces have been made clear by two Mannings.  Deposed President Obama has Chelsea Manning in his corner.  This makes perfect sense since even his Secretary of State didn’t care about protecting state secrets.  The Republicans, on the other hand, count Peyton Manning a truly ballsy winner as one of their own.

Manning will be giving an inspirational speech to the Republican Congressional leaders in attendance, many of whom will need it given their feckless resistance to former President Obama’s put America last reign of destruction and now Donald Trump’s demand that they “man up” or get out of the way as he tries to make America greater than ever before.