Pete Buttigieg’s Own Family Identifies Him as a False Prophet Violating the Biblical Teachings on Abortion

Elder Patriot – Ryhan Glezman is Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s brother-in-law.  He is also the senior pastor at Community Church of God in Clio, Michigan.  

Last night he joined Tucker Carlson to explain that the openly gay mayor of South Bend has created a false narrative in defense of abortion as a way of courting religious adherents:

Buttigieg is heard claiming that, according to the bible, unborn children are not alive thereby making abortion okay.

Buttigieg: “You go through the New Testament, for sure, and every other word that comes out of the mouth of christ is about things like helping those in need.  And, you got a Republican Party dedicated to its opposite.

“There will be a reckoning over it.

Pastor Glezman, who describes himself as non-political, used his appearance to implore Buttigieg to repent.

Pastor Glezman: “I would like to make a plea to Pete Buttigieg, my brother-in-law, that he reconsider his position and the way he has misrepresented scripture to push this pro-abortion platform that he’s pushing.

“I would like to make a plea that he would reconsider and actually open his bible.

You don’t have to be a biblical scholar to realize Mayor Pete is peddling a lie:

We treat animals better:

The left has imposed greater protections for the snail darter.

Warning: you will not be able to unsee the next tweet.  Do not view if this subject is upsetting to you:

You can read abortion survivor Gianna Jessen’s story here.  If she wasn’t alive how did she survive an abortion.

As the left opens the debate into postpartum abortion, it’s worth asking how ending the life of a newborn protects the life of the mother?

No preaching here.  We’ll leave you to decide what is God’s will, here on earth, and if you even care.