Pence’s Display of Compassion and Integrity at a Difficult Time Sets Him and Trump Apart From Team Clinton

ELDER PATRIOT – It’s how you conduct yourself when you think no one is watching that tells us who a person really is.  And, Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence has shown his mettle in this regard.

Iowa was still reeling from the random execution of two police officers when his plane landed in Des Moines for a campaign event. 

Both Donald Trump and his running mate have been consistent in their support of the police in response to the Obama-Clinton-Kaine financial and political support of Black Lives Matter’s and that hate group’s call for violence against them that has led to the assassination of more than a dozen police officers over the past few months.

When Pence learned of the most recent murders of the two Des Moines officers on Thursday he ordered the Secret Service to immediately take him and his wife to two sites where local police were grieving as soon as his plane had landed.  Pence was on a tight and grueling schedule but used the time before the scheduled event to do the right thing rather than to take some time to compose himself before his next speech.

According to the Des Moines register:

“Mike Pence paid his respect to two slain Iowa police officers Wednesday night, visiting two memorials set up in their honor.

Shortly after 10 p.m., Pence, joined by his family, visited the memorial located at the Des Moines Police Department. He later headed to the memorial at the Urbandale Police Department.”

Because these were unscheduled stops, Pence had no expectation of getting any media coverage from his detour.  Still, he demanded to take the time and make the effort because it was the right thing to do.

When Pence arrived at the scene he met with the chief of police to offer his condolences and then assisted his wife in placing flowers on the police car as a memoriam to the fallen policemen.  He then stood in silent prayer for a minute before making a statement at the urging of the lone local reporter who was there:

“The hearts of the nation are breaking for the families of these two courageous officers and for the entire law enforcement family and for the community of Des Moines.  We just arrived in Iowa and Karen and I just wanted to come by and assure these officers and the families of the fallen of our condolences and our prayers.  These tragic events in Des Moines are a reminder of the risks the men and women who wear the uniform of law enforcement face every day.  We’re grateful for them and we wanted to assure their families that they’re in our hearts and in


Trump was unable to attend having committed to appearances elsewhere but tweeted this message of comfort.

Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine was also in Iowa but cancelled a schedule campaign rally because an abysmal turnout was expected.  Even with extra time on his hands Kaine couldn’t be bothered with showing the slightest compassion for the fallen police.

Hillary Clinton also remained silent having cast her lot with the call for violence against police by the leadership of Black Lives Matter who she had given primetime-speaking slots to every night of the Democratic National Convention.  Instead we are left with her words following a police shooting of an armed black in Charlotte earlier this year calling for the “disciplining of white people.”

It should come as no surprise that President Obama is campaigning for Mrs. Clinton.  Remember, after the random murder of five police officers in Dallas earlier this year, Obama used their memorial as a political platform assailing his unproven declaration of “systemic racism in America’s police forces” and calling for increased gun control.

Clinton, Obama and Kaine cannot win when Americans pull together.  Their political success hinges on anarchy and civil discord.  They’ve had eight years to address any failings in America’s race relations but they have instead deliberately worked to inflame racial discord in a disgusting display of political cynicism.

Vote your conscience.  Vote for the Hillary Clinton who openly defends thugs who randomly kill police officers or vote for Donald Trump who recognizes that the men and women of law enforcement have a difficult and thankless job protecting us.