Paul Ryan Stupidly Challenged Donald Trump For Control of the Republican Party -Support is Collapsing

“Mama said stupid is as stupid does.” – Forrest Gump

ELDER PATRIOT – In late May Paul Ryan was sitting pretty in his bid to retain his House seat.  Ryan held a 73-point lead over challenger Paul Nehlen in the race to represent Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District, 80-7%.

After ascending to the Speakership, Ryan foolishly believed that he had risen to the position of reigning patriarch for the Republican Party and he began a campaign to advance his own agenda that, on the issues of most importance to voters, was at direct odds with Donald Trump’s.

Even after multiple meetings with Trump, Ryan refused to endorse Trump separated by their differences on trade and immigration.  Only a schmuck could have watched the Republican debates and primary process and not have understood that the only significant differences between Trump and the sixteen establishment Republican challengers was his stand on…immigration and trade.  Ryan, it turns out is one of the few schmucks that didn’t realize this.

Now the other shoe has fallen.  A poll released by P.M.I. shows Ryan’s support for re-election in Wisconsin’s First Congressional District has plummeted to 43% over the past seven weeks.  His challenger now enjoys 32% support among Republican voters with a month still to go before the primary to decide who will represent the party.

The current trajectory would end in a Nehlen victory and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan being retired by the voters as his sidekick Eric Cantor was only two years ago by voters in Virginia’s Seventh District.  This level of electoral uncertainty for a politician of Ryan’s stature is almost unheard of.

Donald Trump promised to break the cabal that rules Washington D.C.  Ryan’s plummeting poll numbers should put members of both parties on notice that Trump and his supporters have the political clout to do just that.

Ryan will either use the Republican National Convention to publicly mend fences with Trump or risk having Trump campaign for his challenger prior to Wisconsin’s August 9th primary date.

Ryan may be a pompous ass and a Mitt Romney butt-sniffing #NeverTrumper but it’s unlikely his stridency and self-importance will prevent him from finally begging Trump to save him.  The fight for survival will bring everything in clearer focus for Ryan.