Part Three – How the Obama Administration Endangered the Free World to Destroy the Trump Presidency

In his new book, investigative journalist Lee Smith rejects the official Obama-Clinton-Mainstream Media narrative based on a since disproved ‘dossier’ and instead ties together established facts and reconstructs a logical narrative that tells us what really happened: 

The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History.”

Meanwhile, Obama added his voice to the Trump-Russia echo chamber as news stories alleging Trump’s illicit relationship with the Kremlin multiplied in the transition period. He said he hoped “that the president-elect also is willing to stand up to Russia.”


After refusing to act while the Russian election meddling was actually occurring, Obama responded in December. He ordered the closing of Russian diplomatic facilities and the expulsion of thirty- five Russian diplomats. The response was tepid. The Russians had hacked the State Department in 2014 and the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 2015. And now Obama was responding only on his way out.

Even Obama partisans thought it was weak…

… But the administration wasn’t retaliating against Russia for interfering in a US election; the action was directed at Trump.

Obama was leaving the president-elect with a minor foreign policy crisis in order to box him in. Any criticism of Obama’s response, never mind an attempt to reverse it, would only further fuel press reports that Trump was collaborating with the Russians.

In the administration’s last days, it disseminated intelligence throughout the government, including the White House, Capitol Hill, and the intelligence community (IC). Intelligence was classified at the lowest possible levels to ensure a wide readership. The White House was paving the way for a campaign of leaks to disorient the incoming Trump team.

The effort, including the intended result of leaks, was publicly acknowledged in March 2017 by Evelyn Farkas, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense in the Obama administration.

Obama had succeeded in doing what he did best during his presidency, creating a crisis to advance his agenda.  In this case, boxing President Trump in with Russia.

Political scientist and Russia expert Stephen F. Cohen explained the dangerous situation that Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans were courting following the Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki:

Professor Cohen: The reaction by most of the media, by the Democrats, and by the anti-Trump people, is like mob violence.   I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

This is the President of the United States doing what every president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt did in 1943 with Stalin, meeting with the head of the Kremlin.  

Every president since Eisenhower, a Republican by the way, has met with the leader of the Kremlin for one existential purpose, to avoid war between the two nuclear superpowers.  

I want my president to do… what every other president has done. Sit with the head of the other nuclear superpower and walk back the conflicts that could lead to war, whether they be in Syria, Ukraine, the Baltic nations…

“Look what they did to him today. They had a kangaroo court. They found him guilty. And then you had the former head of the U.S. CIA, who himself ought to be put under oath and asked about his role in inventing Russiagate, calling the President of the United States treasonous. What have we come to in this country? And what is going to happen in the future?’