Parkland Carnage: What Did Adam Schiff Know and When Did He Know it?

Elder Patriot – A February 4, 2018 article posted to Real Clear Politics by Tim Hains begins with this paragraph:

“Rep. Adam Schiff of California, top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee issued a frightening warning during an appearance on Friday’s ‘Rachel Maddow Show.’ Schiff said that the release of a memo alleging abuses of the FISA surveillance powers during the 2016 election by the Republicans on his committee could indirectly lead to domestic terrorist attacks.” 

Schiff was responding to a question from Rachel Maddow about the release of what has become known as the Nunes Memo by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. The Nunes Memo outlined FISA abuses by the Obama administration that took place only two days earlier on February 2nd.

Contrary to Congressman Schiff’s claim that the Nunes Memo revealed sources and methods it did neither.  You can read it and decide for yourself if Schiff was telling the truth:

  Secret Nunes Memo by kitdaniels on Scribd

Regardless, Schiff perpetuated the lie to Maddow’s uninformed audience even though he had already reviewed the memo weeks before:

“The real damage they have done is they have damaged the relationship between our committee and the intelligence community in the future. They are going to be wary about sharing information pause they won’t trust us to be responsible stewards of it.

“And sources of information are going to dry up.”

News following the memo’s release ratcheted up the public’s interest in it as well as interest in the corruption of the FBI and DOJ that occurred under Obama’s stewardship.

Ten days later, on February 14th, an act of domestic terrorism took place when a deranged young man, who was well known to authorities as a potential school shooter, went on a rampage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas H.S. killing thirteen students and three teachers.

If it had been President Trump who uttered that warning to a national television audience, and then ten days later a terrorist act had resulted in similar carnage, you can be certain that the mainstream media would be demanding an investigation into what did the president know and when did he know it?

It’s a fair bet they’d be suggesting that Trump actually called for the school shooter to act, either directly or by “dog whistles”.

Why isn’t Adam Schiff being held to the same standard?  After all, in their “end justifies the means” universe, the only ones who benefitted from the shooting are the Democrats who had their FISA abuses replaced as the lead on every news outlet.

Unlike Trump who is being investigated solely by the Obama holdovers whose corruption of the federal government he threatens to expose – Rosenstein, Mueller, Comey (since fired), McCabe (since removed), et al – Schiff has been free to spew one allegation after another against the president without any calls from the mainstream media to provide proof for them.

In light of the FBI’s failure to protect the students at MSDHS, despite what were more than sufficient warnings, Schiff’s underlying premise for making his warning of impending attacks undermines his argument that we must now trust the FBI without any question.

Schiff has made repeated and serious claims of treasonous behavior against President Trump.  These charges have been under multiple investigations for more than a year and a half and those investigations have yielded nada.

Could Schiff, Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, as well as dozens of their colleagues withstand similar scrutiny?  It’s time to find out.