Panic Spreads Across DC As Journalist Prepares to Release Deep State Destroying Video

Elder Patriot  – James O’Keefe is a pioneer in the field of video journalism.  O’Keefe is a new breed of investigative reporter who doesn’t rely on second hand, anonymous sources when filing his exposes, like say … Bob Woodward, the New York Times, the Washington Post, or the alphabet soup of broadcast leakers and liars.

O’Keefe entices the schemers, hucksters, and frauds to incriminate themselves on camera.  Without their knowledge, of course.

During a speech to Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum yesterday, O’Keefe made an announcement that has to have sent shivers throughout corrupt members of Washington’s administrative state.

“Usually I would show video clips.  Today I’m going to actually just speak and show a very brief clip and I’m going to tease announce what we’re releasing next week.”

“The subject of our investigation for launch next week is the Deep State and we are calling it ‘Unmasking the Deep State.”

This was red meat for the small government conservatives in the audience but the reverberations could be measured by the tremors emanating from everywhere inside the Beltway.

During an interview for the March 2018 edition of the Limbaugh Letter, O’Keefe explained why Project Veritas was uniquely qualified to escape the label of Fake News.

“The Framers created a government that exists with the consent of the governed, but that consent must be informed.  People need to be informed. It can’t be manufactured consent.

“Right now there is a conflict of vision.  The mainstream media believes that you must not trust the evidence of your own eyes and ears.  ‘You must listen to us to interpret the information for you.’ The Veritas approach is to show you the raw data, which sometimes directly contradicts how they interpret that information.  So we’re changing journalism by circumventing the interpreters of reality by distributing reality in its raw, pure form.

Is O’Keefe correct when he says there is a media filter?

Let’s take a short walk down memory lane and spend 45 seconds with Mika Brzezinski while she castigates President Trump for using Twitter to communicate with the public because, according to Mika, “that’s our job:”

Mika was expressing the frustration of the entire state-affiliated propaganda construct.

Raw data as O’Keefe refers to it, or direct communication from the president as Trump practices, have legacy reporters and journalists crying foul.  Veritas’ M.O. makes it impossible for any wrongdoers, or opinion shapers to deny or interpret what viewers see and hear for themselves.

Recall O’Keefe’s Project Veritas going undercover to expose the widespread dirty and often violent tricks, as well as the outright voter fraud planned and carried out by Hillary Clinton’s campaign:

All of Washington is on edge as were approach this week for more reasons than just the Project Veritas tease.  Multiple sources have confirmed that this is the week President Trump is going to declassify the Carter Page FISA applications, Bruce Ohr’s dozen or so FBI interviews (302’s) and up to 50,000 text messages that passed by the FBI co-conspirators against Donald Trump.