ESPN Sows Racial Divide

September 14, 2017

Elder Patriot – Are unsubstantiated derogatory slurs against a person a form of hate speech?  This is a question that Twitter refuses to answer when the offender is black. ESPN has also declared itself the

DACA Amnesty? Put Your Faith in Trump

September 14, 2017

Elder Patriot – President Trump is not about to renege on his promise to build the wall along our southern border.  Immigration reform was one of his primary campaign promises along with tax and trade

Trump Has Been Isolated – Is He Being Drugged?

September 12, 2017

Elder Patriot – Michael Flynn is gone.  Steve Bannon is gone.  So is Sebastian Gorka.  The National Security Council has been purged of Trump loyalists Rich Higgins, Derek Harvey, and Ezra Watnick Cohen.  One reason

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