Opinion: Why the Democratic Party is Selling Out to Oligarch Mike Bloomberg

As you read this, remember that both the Democratic and Republican Parties are private corporations that exist for their own enrichment.

This year, Democrats appear to be selling out to multi-billionaire Oligarch Michael Bloomberg, which is a kick in the privates to their longtime party members and voters.

Democrat leadership excuses their acceptance of Bloomberg with open arms by comparing him to the man who would be his billionaire Republican rival, President Donald Trump.

The comparison ends there.

Trump conducted a hostile takeover of the Republican corporation.  Not only wasn’t he welcomed by the Republican establishment, he was spied on and targeted for removal, by his Democrat rivals while establishment Republicans watched in silence.

Bloomberg, by contrast, has been offered a leveraged buyout of the Democrat corporation at discount prices.  The party has even changed its rules to allow him to participate in the debates.

Why are Democrats selling out so cheaply?

Because they’re about to get crushed under the weight of their overreach and corruption during the Obama years that may have violated numerous federal statutes demanding long prison sentences, and may have been treasonous.  

 For desperate Democrats, Bloomberg’s $53 billion might be enough money to buy the next election with the expectation that Bloomberg will then bury the Durham investigation.

Heaven knows the DNC has failed to build a war chest to this point.  The latest report shows the DNC with $6 million in reserves that is completely offset by $6 million in debt.  

Without Bloomberg’s money, the Democrats are a party on the decline.  With his money, they might be able to buy their way out of prosecution.  Keep in mind if Bloomberg returns only 4% on his wealth, his income exceeds $2 billion annually.

Democrats need enough money to buy the presidency in order to remove Attorney General William Barr, and to buy enough down ballot races to prevent Republicans from regaining control of the House Intelligence Committee where their corruption would be exposed.

Bloomberg has that kind of money and isn’t tarnished by his association with Obama, Biden, et al, as are the regular party candidates, so he has become the chosen one.