Opinion: Explosive Devices Unlikely to Affect Any Votes

Elder Patriot – No matter what the investigation of the four “potential explosive devices” sent to Hillary Clinton, former President Obama, George Soros and CNN at Manhattan’s Time Warner Center reveals, it’s doubtful that they move the electoral results in any measurable way.

That’s because it will be viewed by Republican voters as an orchestrated attempt to shame them into abandoning their president by the same Deep State cabal – within the CIA, DOJ, FBI, the State Department, and the corrupt mainstream propaganda media – that spent nearly three years trying to undermine candidate Donald Trump’s campaign and then to remove President Trump from office by a soft coup.

Would it really be a stretch to believe that the same people who collaborated with Britain’s MI6, GCHQ, Joseph Mifsud, Australia’s Alexander Downer, Hillary Clinton operatives, dozens of FBI, DOJ, CIA, and State Department employees, the complicity of the FISA judges, seven members of the Gang of Eight, and propped up by the conspiratorial mainstream media, would now stop at anything to save their corrupt asses?

What’s left for them if they fail?  This was a level of corruption so widespread and endemic that nothing that now follows comes as a shock – including the planting of explosive devices.

No matter where these explosive devices originated, not one Trump supporter will believe they came from a conservative terrorist unless he/she turns out to be a product of MK Ultra.  

They once vaunted intelligence agencies have lost any credibility they once had.  It’s not as though Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, one of President Trump’s most ardent enemies, didn’t make everyone aware of the manner in which these agencies carry out their jobs.

Republican voters, convinced that their government is corrupt, perhaps beyond repair, are all-in behind Trump and those candidates the president has asked them to send to Washington to help him.

These voters view President Trump as their last best hope to drain the swamp.  They trust no one else to do the job and they’re probably right about that.

Listen, to this video from the campaign trail that we keep returning to:

Candidate Trump spelled it all out.  Is there any wonder why, with trillions of dollars at stake, those who have spent decades fleecing U.S. taxpayers will do anything, A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G. to dispose of, or neuter President Trump?

Low level mobsters break kneecaps for $10,000 debts that aren’t repaid.  Why would you think these “elite” mobsters would stop short of anything they thought could protect their multi-trillion dollar scam?