OPINION: Democrats Tank Iowa Caucuses to Blunt Bernie’s Momentum and to Prevent His Ascension

As you read this, remember that both the Democratic and Republican Parties are private corporations that exist for their own enrichment.

To that end, Democrats have become as predictable as the day is long.  

They’ve spent nearly four years openly lying and torturing the levers of government to promote the narrative that first candidate and now President Trump is a threat to national security who must be removed from office.

Democrats have shown that they will lie, cheat and steal in order to enrich themselves and to keep you from knowing about their corrupt schemes.

Now we are approaching their last chance to end the Trump presidency making Democrats desperate to remove Trump from office before he exposes the extent of their corruption and treason.

So, if they’re willing to pervert the Constitution for the sham impeachment we’ve been forced to endure over the past four months, we’d guess that there’s no limit on what they might try to do to anyone inside their private corporation that threatens them.

Bernie Sanders ascension to frontrunner would represent an existential threat to any political party wanting to be considered a major national force.  That’s exactly how the leadership of the party views Bernie.

Bernie had Iowa stolen from him last year after the party manipulated the outcome so that the penultimate party insider Hillary Clinton was able to declare victory and keep the momentum from the socialist senator.  

Logic tells us that Bernie was prepared to smoke the field this time around.  Follow our thinking.

Democrats and their media tools have openly fretted about the fact that, no matter what narratives they advance, they cannot peel support away from Donald Trump.  Trump is just too darn authentic and his voters appreciate that more than anything else.

The same thing goes for Bernie.  He may be a whacko promoting an economic paradigm that has failed everywhere it has been tried, but he is an authentic whacko.  And his supporters love him for that.

The feeling here is if the “Party” agreed that Bernie received at least 49% of the vote in 2016, he hasn’t lost a single supporter since then.  Certainly not to the inauthentic collection of packaged neo-socialists who he is running against. 

With polls showing Bernie holding a commanding lead prior to the New Hampshire primary, the Democrat National Corporation were compelled to blunt the momentum he would have coming out of the first two primaries.

It’s Bloomberg’s party now.

Hence, the decision to tank the many months-long effort that was put into Iowa.