One Candidate Complains About Glass Ceilings – The Other Candidate Has a History of Shattering Them

ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton spent a lifetime campaigning for women being held down by an imaginary glass ceiling.  And, despite all of the power she amassed she failed to break even a single one.

She was valedictorian at her college graduation but women had preceded her there many times before. 

She became First Lady but that wasn’t groundbreaking.  That position had been held by the wife of every president who had been president before Bill Clinton was elected.

Senator?  Sorry, late to that dance as well.

Secretary of State?  That honor was denied her by a number of other women.

So Mrs. Clinton never actually shattered even a single glass ceiling.  That never mattered.  After thirty years her rhetoric convinced female voters that glass ceilings were conscious constructs of powerful male forces who resented the added competition, and that she was the only one capable of delivering them from such discriminatory behavior.

Meanwhile, Trump has presented many women with the opportunity to break a myriad of glass ceilings from managing golf courses and country clubs, to hotels, and major construction projects.

Trump even turned the management of his presidential campaign over to a woman, Kellyanne Conway who had never managed a presidential campaign before.  When the dust cleared she had become the first woman to run a successful presidential campaign. 

Another glass ceiling had been shattered with the encouragement of Donald Trump but the mainstream corporate media never gave Trump, or Kellyanne, the credit they both deserved.

It just didn’t fit their dialogue that Trump is a sexist pig.

The mainstream corporate media refrained from crediting Hillary Clinton with the one glass ceiling she did actually shatter, that of the woman to run the world’s largest crime syndicate.