Obama’s Plan For a Third Term: Tim Kaine

ELDER PATRIOT – The choice of Tim Kaine as Hillary Clinton’s running mate is coming into sharper focus after his abysmal debate performance that should’ve destroyed any belief that he would be a suitable replacement for Mrs. Clinton if she were no longer able to perform the duties of the president.

Ex-Governor Kaine was not Mrs. Clinton’s choice.  It is also widely known that President Obama loathes Mrs. Clinton for her 2008 campaign against him that included starting the birther movement and circulating a picture of a young Obama in Muslim garb. 

He’s also furious with Mrs. Clinton over her email scandal that threatens to implicate him as well as her miserable mishandling of Middle East foreign policy that has left him looking feckless and stupid.  So, how did Mrs. Clinton end up with Kaine as her potential VP and Obama campaigning for her?

President Obama insisted on Kaine as a pre-condition for endorsing and then campaigning for Mrs. Clinton.  Remember, Kaine had been a supporter of Hillary Clinton until he read the political tea leaves in 2008 and backed Obama’s candidacy.

Obama had unsuccessfully worked behind the scenes in the early days of the 2016 nominating process to get his own person the nomination so that he would be able to continue exercise control over our government after he had left office.

This is why the president has committed to leasing an 8,200 square foot, nine-bedroom, 8.5 bath house inside Washington’s Beltway to live in when his official term of office ends.  Obama envisions it as his post White House, White House.

The president did everything he could to keep Hillary from getting the nomination but the Clinton’s control over the party had grown so extensive in the intervening years that the president concluded he’d need a plan B.  That came along when Hillary’s health concerns began to become more serious.

Obama is now convinced that Mrs. Clinton will become unable to discharge her duties as president in short order and is prepared to wait until his puppet, Tim Kaine, is sworn in.  This is not an idle conspiracy theory.  People within both the Clinton campaign and with knowledge of Obama’s plans have confirmed this on the condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal.

With this in mind do not forget Tim Kaine’s disqualifying debate performance or indebtedness to President Obama and the potential this poses for a third Obama term.