Obama’s Parting Gift to America: No Pardon for Hillary

ELDER PATRIOT – That there was no love lost between the Obamas and the Clintons was well known.  They had forged an uneasy, and at times extremely strained, political alliance united only in their desire to rape the federal treasury – Obama trying to resurrect a failed political ideology and Clinton intent on building her personal net worth.

So what can we read from Obama’s failure to pardon Mrs. Clinton as presidents are empowered to do and usually do during their final days in office.

Does Obama believe that Mrs. Clinton hasn’t committed high crimes or that she has but that there’s not enough evidence to prove she has? 

Is he confident that whatever proofs may be made against Mrs. Clinton will not implicate him?  Remember, at the very least Obama sent and received emails from Hillary’s unlawful email address.

Has he thrown Hillary under the bus with assurances from President Trump that wherever the investigation of Mrs. Clinton leads his justice department, Trump will protect the outgoing president from scrutiny?

In the treacherous world of political campaigning it’s dangerous to believe every charge that is leveled against the candidates either by their opponents or their surrogates.  Our emotions are often used by those who craft political messaging to have us believe untruths as gospel.

Look at how many of our fellow citizens believe that the Russians really did hack the election to favor Donald Trump.  Mrs. Clinton’s supporters are similarly disappointed at how many of us believe Mrs. Clinton is a criminal.

My bet is that Obama deliberately left the prosecution of Hillary Clinton to his successor for political reason and because he resents the numerous blights she left on his campaign.

President Obama’s legacy has suffered severely from Clinton inspired scandals that virtually spanned the globe from Benghazi to Syria to Libya to Haiti to abusing her position as Secretary of State for the enrichment of the Clinton Foundation to her childish Russian reset.

Politically, Obama is still a young man who seeks to yield influence over Democratic Party policy into the future.  He could not prosecute Mrs. Clinton and then expect the party to rally around him in the future.  Snitches are not tolerated by the mob.

That left him with two options; he could pardon Mrs. Clinton and remove the potential for retribution from his fellow Dems, or he could simply avoid the issue entirely by contending that his F.B.I. had completed their investigation and that it was decided there was no there, there and so a pardon would unfairly brand Hillary Clinton as needing one.

I believe that Obama chose the latter track.  Whether Trump prosecutes Hillary or not his Department of Justice will develop ample evidence to guarantee that Mrs. Clinton never darkens our political landscape again. 

Frankly, this likely meets the approval of high-ranking Democrats who had been under the Clinton’s thumb ever since Hillary gained possession of those 900 F.B.I. files on them early in her husband’s presidency.

The upside of this leaves Obama with an unchallenged claim as the leader of the Democratic Party.  That is all he truly cares about as he enters his post-presidential but not post-political life.

It’s now up to someone else to take out the garbage.