Obama’s Legacy – For Profit Abortion

Elder Patriot – Former President Barack Obama’s assault on Christianity was really a mask for his broader assault on human decency.  Sadly, we are only now learning of the extent his lack of morality has had on societal standards.

Reuters has reported that in a December 2013 raid of a Detroit warehouse, federal agents discovered preserved human fetuses.  The warehouse, owned by Arthur Rathburn, was used to store and ship body parts. 

While poor people often sell their corpses in exchange for cremation services, the brokering of baby parts is illegal.  It is also unconscionable.  Except to monsters like Obama, Hillary Clinton and their sycophantic followers.

Where conservatives work to balance the morality their religions demand with the potential benefits to society that government claims to work towards, liberals have no similar counterbalance.  They only see the costs to society.

And, when profit is the only motivator, society loses its way. 

For most of us the thought of disrespecting human life – the most innocent of human life – in this way is unthinkable and abhorrent.  Not so for the left’s paragon of virtue – Barack Obama.

That Obama was a supporter of partial birth abortion (PBA) is well known.  It is a heinous procedure also known as intact dilation and extraction.  PBA begins with inducing labor after which the abortion provider typically turns the baby around (while still within the mother) and pulls the child’s leg(s) out, leaving the head in the uterus. The baby’s head is then pierced with a sharp implement, creating a cavity through which the brains are sucked out, causing the skull to collapse and making it easier for the baby to be pulled out.

If you are getting sick envisioning this procedure so did a significant number of members of Congress.  Congress banned the procedure in 2003 and the Supreme Court in Gonzales v. Carhart upheld the ban.

Obama had a chance to show some compassion while he was a state senator when the State of Illinois voted on the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act (BAIPA).

I had the good fortune of meeting an abortion survivor on the set of the Hannity and Combs show a number of years ago when I was invited to sit in the audience following dinner with Sean.  It was a moving experience:

Why the mainstream media didn’t demand answers from Obama after this aired is a blight upon their claims of morality.

BAIPA, both the federal and Illinois versions, was introduced to insure that babies who survive attempted abortions are provided the same medical care and sustenance as any other infant born alive. BAIPA was introduced after evidence was presented that babies born alive after unsuccessful abortions were simply discarded in utility closets without food, care, or medical treatment until they died.

Obama voted against the BAIPA.  This raised important ethical questions that the mainstream media chose to ignore. 

Andrew McCarthy writing for the National Review asks for how long after birth does an abortion provider continue to retain dominion over babies he fails to abort?  Would Obama permit the abandonment of any other class of babies, e.g., those born with abnormalities? We saw that question arise with his signature legislation, Obamacare, were the need to ration care called for the creation of “death panels.”

Precisely where Obama draws the line in his own mind is not known.  What is becoming painfully obvious, however, is that his sycophantic followers have surrendered their own immorality and would follow him into Hell, which they proved by voting for Hillary Clinton.