Obama’s DHS Caught Hacking Voter Data in Three States

ELDER PATRIOT – The Register Herald of Beckley West Virginia is reporting that, Someone at the Department of Homeland Security apparently tried to hack into West Virginia election records, according to a press release from Secretary of State-elect Mac Warner.

“Investigators found that the same computer user who tried to hack into Georgia voter registration data also tried to get information from Kentucky and West Virginia, the press release said.”

That’s our Department of Homeland Security doing the hacking, not the Russians and the mainstream media is silent about it.

So what we have as of now are the cyber fingerprints of DHS on hacks in Georgia, Kentucky and WV and the word of the disinformation branch of the federal government – the C.I.A. – offering us nothing more than their “considered” opinion that the Russians “interfered” in the recent presidential election.

We have an out-of-control government that has become wholly unbelievable and that appears to be unnecessarily provoking the Russian bear in advance of Donald Trump taking office, as well as a mainstream media prepared to lie and obfuscate to support these false “official” narratives.

Thank God Trump will be our president in 32 days.  We can’t take a whole lot more of a government that lies to us and provokes other nations solely for political gain.