Obama’s Czar of Racism Fires Back At Team Clinton’s Charges That Obama-Inspired Hatred Cost Her the Election

ELDER PATRIOT – Former White House Czar and current CNN Obama apologist Van Jones appeared on ABC’s The View to contest claims that Hillary Clinton lost Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin because the outgoing administration spawned a new generation of white supremacists as Clinton’s campaign team has alleged.

Jones who usually never hesitates to invoke claims of racism refused to echo Team Clinton’s lies about the reasons she lost these rust belt states.

Jones had this to say when asked the reasons for Clinton’s loss, “…I’m going to tell you something as a liberal, when those factories started closing, did the NAACP come help? Did Green Peace? Did the National Organization for Woman, did any liberal group come? We as liberals can’t be mad. We didn’t ask them for a date. We didn’t try to say come with me to dinner. So then Donald Trump shows up and takes them out and now we’re mad.”

“It was the weakness in the rust belt. That’s where she lost it. I was saying back in June—those so-called blue states are hanging by a thread and nobody went there to fix it.”

Boom!  Van Jones just placed the blame for Hillary Clinton’s loss on her campaign manager Robbie Mook and her communications director Jennifer Palmieri for running a lousy campaign.  And, he did it on the same day Mook and Palmieri were blaming Obama for creating a white supremacist uprising.

The Democrats better get their story straight.  There are future elections to lose if they can’t coalesce around a single bogeyman. 

I know that Democrats hate everything about our Founding Fathers but maybe they need to trust George Washington on this one: “It’s better to offer no excuse than a bad one.”