Obama Paid GM to Take Jobs to China

ELDER PATRIOT – It’s past time that Americans realize that they’ve been played the fool by establishment politicians who answer only to the global elite.  One only need look at the government’s treatment of General Motors over the past eight years, and how GM retuned the favor, as evidence.


After our government conspired with corporations and banks to manufacture the financial crisis at the end of the Bush administration, President Obama lent $50 billion to GM to save the poorly managed, heavily wage-burdened company.  As we now know it was nothing more than part of Obama’s plan to relocate a major portion of GM’s production facilities to China.  At the time it was sold as a bailout to the UAW whose members supported Obama’s election.

In 2014 the U.S. government admitted to losing $11.2 billion on the deal. 

That’s a heavy reward to give to union workers who had bankrupted the company because of their decades long intransigence in renegotiating their contract with GM to effort saving the company.

So we have the federal government taking $50 billion from working Americans to save the jobs of fellow American workers who were too selfish to save the company they worked for on their own.

And we have that company stiffing the American taxpayers for more than $11 billion. 

But there’s more.  GM is investing $11 billion in new manufacturing plants in…China.  That investment will create 6,000 new jobs.  Why China?  Because there are no free unions in China allowing GM to save close to a billion dollars annually on payroll.  That’s the same amount GM had been paying union members to sit idle because there was no longer enough demand for their cars to keep those people productive.

So in the final analysis who are the winners and who are the losers in this? 

GM wins because they save a billion dollars annually on labor costs and they will win even bigger if Hillary Clinton is elected and continues the current trade policy that will make GM cars manufactured in China cheaper to American consumers than those actually produced in America.

Wall Street investors get what they want because GM’s stock price is certain to be helped by this and if there’s one thing the “street” likes it’s stability.

President Obama gets what he wants, a stock market that allows him to crow about the economy and ignore the weakness in the entrepreneurial economy that has led to the lowest labor participation rate since the great depression.

The losers, as usual, are working Americans who count on government to protect them but is always the ones getting screwed in the end. 

Over the past fifty years union workers have increasingly awakened to the fact that they’ve been pawns in the unholy alliance that exists between government and corporate America.  As a result they’ve been surrendering their union membership as their trust erodes evidenced by the charts below:


Still, the number of union members remains large enough to make them a very significant voting bloc that Democrats can ill afford to lose.  Union workers have put their faith in their corrupt leadership and have dutifully supported Democrats almost uninterrupted for the past fifty years.  What do they have to show for that support?

I’ll answer that for you, they have precious little to show for it just like Blacks who have also overwhelmingly voted straight Democrat for the past half-century.

Obama brags that he’s created 12 million jobs since he took office but government data shows that all net gains in jobs since 2000 have gone to immigrants, both legal and illegal.  That’s left you, or people you know, unemployed or under-employed.

Hillary Clinton is promising amnesty for up to 30 million immigrants – many here illegally – within her first 100 days as well as promising to greatly increase current legal immigration quotas. 

Who do you think will get the 10 million jobs she’s saying her policies will create, American workers or immigrants willing to work for far less money?  It’s a simple metric of supply and demand.

In eight years many more native-born American workers will find themselves the ones “living in the shadows,” if Hillary Clinton is elected president. 

And, for those that vote for her out of compassion for “those immigrants living in the shadows,” if you still have your job in eight years, perhaps you’ll have the compassion to cry for what you did to your fellow Americans.